Watch 2Face Idbia shed tears as infant mother, Pero closes crack with Annie Idibia

The once untidy connection between Pero Adeniyi and Annie Idibia appears to have been settled.

It would seem that the age-long break between Pero Adeniyi, 2Face Idibia’s infant mom and Annie Idibia has reached an end following a now-popular video where the two were since making peace.

In the video which has since circulated around the web, 2Face Idibia can likewise be spotted crying as the two ladies settle their age-long clash. Clearly encompassed by companions, it was even more a celebratory temperament as heaps of money was been showered on all gatherings included.

This is coming a very long time after a break between Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi. Pero Adeniyi happens to be 2Face’s first infant mother who brought forth three children for the music star. Their fracture can be followed back to 2015 and 2016 when they both got down on one another about online networking.

Their cold relationship took a front burner when photographs of 2Face Idibia supposedly kissing Pero Adeniyi at the vocalist’s dance club in 2015 broke the Internet.

2Face Idibia purportedly observed kissing infant mother Pero Adeniyi

In 2015, 2face Idibia was spotted kissing his infant mom Pero Adeniyi in his club. As per a story distributed by blogger Stella Dimokokorkus, the well known Nigerian artist was found in the VIP segment of his Festac club, Rumors with the mother of his three children, Pero Adeniyi.

Stella charges that the combine were more than in a comfortable position, as they cozied up, kissing and skipping. Pictures of 2face and Pero kissing were additionally posted on the blog, supporting with the story. The report additionally claims that 2face’s better half Annie Idibia got the breeze of what was going on in the club and chose to stand up to 2face on the issue.

Annie is said to have raged the club however was occupied by the club’s administration into a room where she was disclosed to her significant other would join her right away. Annie was purportedly secured in the space for the period and when she was in the end offered access to leave, 2face and Pero had finished their ‘meeting’. Be that as it may, when Annie went into the room, she was secured for quite a while and when she was let out, the fun was finished and Pero had left while Tuface was going to leave’, Dimokokorkus composed.

Annie Idibia discharges squeeze explanation following kissing occurrence

Instantly after the news of kissing occurrence broke the Internet, Annie Idibia discharged a press explanation on the issue. She addressed That1960Chick saying that the ‘occurrence’ was a brief diversion and as restricted the tales conveyed by sites she turned out poorly club to stand up to her significant other.

“I am mindful of the photograph’s flowing the web with my significant other and Pero Adeniyi. I need to state formally that I was not in that space around then and subsequently there was no encounter among myself and Pero Adeniyi.

“Pero Adeniyi and this flitting carelessness represents no danger at all to my association with my better half. In actuality, for the good of the majority of our children, I do energize warm associations with gatherings included. This year, my emphasis is exclusively on God, Family and my Career which doesn’t give me the advantage of focusing on any diversions,” the announcement read.

Pero’s sister spills more earth, says Annie Idibia cuts 2Face’s children off

While the show between Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi was making the front pages of internet based life pages, Funmi Bazuaye, Pero’s sister scammed Annie. Everything began when Annie Idibia hailed ladies who don’t ward off their children from their dads. Making specific reference to 2face Idibia’s infant mom who is cheerfully hitched, Sunmbo Ajayi, she expressed: “Am about youngster maltreatment throughout the previous couple of weeks… Also, I understand that they are such a large number of types of it! Indeed, even as parent we do this without knowing!!!

“How about we adore our youngsters more than the circumstances!!! Yell out to all the isolated parent/EX who don’t pressure the other parent directing their very own child!!! God favor you… Your reward is greater and it is in paradise… #sayNo2Parentalalienation #saynotochildabuseforreal #loveyourkidsmore #whatGoneIsGone #letgo #livefree God favor u genuine huge @s/o to @sunmbo extraordinary lady.”

Annie Idibia was anyway denounced by Funmi Bazuaye today, June 1, 2016, for shading her sister, Pero 2Face’s first infant mother, who has three children for the music symbol with her most recent post on Instagram.

As per Bazuaye, Annie is a fraud who bothers Pero whenever 2Face has a go at reaching his youngsters. She likewise blamed the growing performing artist for removing the children from their father. She guarantees 2Face needs to stow away to call or facetime them since he doesn’t need the performing artist’s inconveniences

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