Unfolding Potential – spoken words

  That a cocoon finally Have wings and flyAs a butterfly meansThat there is a hugePotential in every personAnd this totally means thatAnything is possible! Unfolding potential is aboutBeing potent, with enough Energy to make


That a cocoon finally
Have wings and fly
As a butterfly means
That there is a huge
Potential in every person
And this totally means that
Anything is possible!
Unfolding potential is about
Being potent, with enough
Energy to make things happen
Thinking about our own why?
Trying to live a meaningful life
Setting ultimate goals
Towards personal development
And self-improvement
Taking responsibility for actions
Assuming control over our lives
Emphasising the aspects of self-Organisation and growth
It means creating a best version
Of ourselves
Our comparison and competition Should always be with
Our own selves
With a sharp focus
Unfolding potential
Becomes our lives’ process
Living an unstoppable life
Growing daily by establishing goals Through healthy practical habits
Eternally, we can achieve this
Through willpower
The right knowledge
Mentors, tools and talents
To experience life to the fullest
This journey is existing in
Possibility not actuality!
It is being full of confidence!
And we must continue the
Forward match
Unfolding of potential becomes visible everyday!

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