The Cigar Man. Part 5

  Detective Charity had undergone combative training and handled danger as raw as it is but was not trained on how to react while her brother is on the floor. She wailed and stopped. Stood


Detective Charity had undergone combative training and handled danger as raw as it is but was not trained on how to react while her brother is on the floor. She wailed and stopped. Stood and began to bang the locked door. She only stopped when she heard his voice and footsteps.

“Hah! Sofiri, I go die for you? How many times will something happen to a man before he will call himself wiseman?”
The capturer bemoaned.
“Open this door please. I don’t know you but please open the door, my brother is dying. Please.”
She felt his brother’s pulse again just to make sure she was right that he wasn’t dead.

“Open this door!”
“Please, my brother is bleeding.”
He squinted.
“Sofiri you cannot get me this time! I tell you.”

“What? Who is Sofiri? Please come closer and talk to me please, I plead with you sincerely. My twin brother is dying. His name is not Sofiri. What’s Sofiri? Who is Sofiri. My brother is not Sofiri.”

The Cigar Man squinted again. He came closer to the door.
“Is your brother OK? “
“Noooo! You bloody murderer! If I get you… ” She wanted to repeat the threat again but paused. Her style was often sly, smart and strategy. A fly has landed on the scrotum. She had to settle it amicably.

She heard nothing again for a while except deep voices at the verandah. She ran to the window but couldn’t see them. The window was facing the fence but she could hear the voices through the door which led to the kitchen, although, she couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“Bee you say na Sofiri you see. Sofiri come your house.”
“Yes, but I don call Sofiri, him say in dey inside school.”
“You don tell am to come?”
“Him dey come.”
“This matter serious true true o. She say the guy dey bleed.”
“Nnah see me see wahala this morning o.”
“Bee let us go inside and see. If anything happens, you know. You, you know.”
“Guy. I dey confused.”
“Then let us go in and see what the situation is”
“No make we hold something in case.”
“She say her brother dey bleed. Na only her dey…”
“And you believe am. Guy hold something abeg.”
“Let’s go and peep through the window. Order her to open the window.”
“Who wan die? What if they are with guns.”
“Nnah God, which kind temptation be this, this morning!”

They matched to the door. Three with logs. One with a smashed bottle. Bee with nothing. He was closer to the door. He turned around and looked at his friends.
“Guys, I for need smoke.”
“My friend, open this door. Cigar Man!” Rained their voices on him.
He signaled them to keep quiet. They stayed that way for five minutes. He walked away.

“Let’s pass the front door.”
“No, she will still hear the gate open and the sitting room door too. It’s still the same thing.”
“Which one we dey do na?”
“Abi make I just go my Papa house. I just come borrow one wrap of ‘tar tar’, now see big matter for ground.”
“Abu, oya dey go. Imbecile!”
“You no get sense.”
“Oooohm. Bee stop. This thing is happening in your house o. If you like don’t handle it now.”
“OK let us wait for Sofiri to come first.”
“You say wetin? I say I see Sofiri with my eye. Na him dey inside my room with that girl. You non know wetin Sofiri feat do?”

Bee opened the door and threw it wide. They stood aside expectantly. In solemn slow motion, Charity emerged. Their eyes ran all over her to the blood on her right breast and her hands. They were still astonished. Charity had ran out of how to react in front of the five haggard young men. She finally placed an angry gaze on the Cigar Man. One swift move delivered a hard punch on Bee’s jaw. Bee collapsed. The others rushed Charity.

Bee’s hate glare was on Charity who was tied to the single black couch. A nurse was attending to Marshall. Charity’s eyes went to her, Marshall, then Bee. Water gushed through her eyes and nose.
“If anything happens to him. Oh…..If anything happens to him.” She made a furious face. Bee fidgeted stylishly. The punch had thrown him off all balance encouraging him to fear the lady.

The five young men stood around Charity and her brother whose left hand clung to a drip. The area nurse fondly called ‘Tablet’ had gone. A knock disrupted the silence.

Abu opened the door.
“Heeeeh! Heeeeh!” Came the multiple shout. Bee stood up from his bed. The others ran to his side. Their eyes trekking from Sofiri to Marshall on one side of the bed. Sofiri’s eyes were bulging, questioning why his niggurs were shifting from him. He walked gently into the bedroom he was very familiar with. Looked aside to behold Charity. She screamed.
“No. No. Jesus. No. No. What? Whaaat? Whaaat? What is going on here. I said what is going on here!”
Her voice was scarier than storm thunders. Everyone was quiet. Bee wanted to cry. Abu helped him.
“Heeeh! Innocent person don die. Heeeh. God. Which kind wahala be this? How this one come take dey happen. Heeh! Sofiri so you be twins.”

“Shut the hell up you bloody criminal. Who are you guys and wait. Why is he looking like my brother. Oh you guys are kidnappers. Untie me now else you will face the full wrath of a captain!”
Charity wanted to add, ‘I am an officer of the law and a detective not to be reckoned with in your God-damned life.’ but stopped before adding.
“Untie me now! Untie me you criminals! Criminals!”

Bee refused them from untying her.

“I think say na you.”
“You think say na me so if na me. You go come kill me.”
“No! No be like that. I fear as I see you clean like that, come serious, I think say na one of those your… In fact, I no get time for your matter now. Your Mama tell you say you be twins?”
“Which day? I no just know but how I come dey two.”
“How you come dey two but person feat resemble person whuaaah like that.”
“Abu for your village.”
“Call your Mama for phone.”
“You no get sense o. How can he discuss this serious issue with his mother on phone.”
“But the guy resemble you for everything Sofiri.”
“But them dey like say them hold bars. Make we kidnap them na!”
Sofiri punched David!
The others began to separate them.
“You no get sense. See, you no get one naira sense. At all. You dey see say person wey look like me… Wey feat be my blood or anything dey fight with him life, you say kidnap. You say kidnap.”

Tears clouded Sofiri’s eyes. His niggurs were surprised at his reaction.
“Guy na joke him been dey joke.”
“Which joke? Which kind joke?” Sofiri retorted awkwardly. The tears have already made their lines. He buried his head downwardly in his two wide palms. Bee tapped him.
“The girl say the boy na her twin.”

“Jesus.” Sofiri whispered.

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