The Cigar Man. Part 3

  Haven been out of job for two years, Diamond sold cigarettes, marijuana fondly called ‘gay’ in the streets, sachet and bottled liquor. The tussle of earning a living. Her four elder brothers are the


Haven been out of job for two years, Diamond sold cigarettes, marijuana fondly called ‘gay’ in the streets, sachet and bottled liquor. The tussle of earning a living. Her four elder brothers are the real street lords. From Mile 4 to Borokiri, they pinched people’s possessions. Wolves must always walk in pack. At the front of their yard, their fellow ruffians usually gathered with them smoking and drinking alcohol. Diamond noted the business, made a small table and put two benches by the sides. Every day, she sold to them what she will never drink neither did she wish her brothers were major consumers. The hustle was a precarious one hence, she didn’t sleep in their room in the yard. She slept with her friend at the outskirt of Marine Base. So did her brothers, they slept in wherever was not their one room home. Haven all grown through the thorns, tumbles and manoeuvre of street life. They had eagle eyes that spotted the police from a very terribly long distance. Diamond wondered how four of them had stayed off police net for over ten years while troubling the city in nasty ways.


Yet she often believed, they did not kidnap nor rob victims on highway or in their homes. They majored in extortions, picking and ‘matching ground’.
As she lay on a flat foam in her friend’s room after coming in contact with a new friend on Facebook that needed to meet her. Her mind jumped and hopped, wondering if it was a trap or some kind of conspiracy. Her first decision was to tell no one. She thanked God that the people chose her for whatever it was. She had sworn to rather die than let anything harm her siblings or friends. She was the only educated one among her associations and they acknowledged that firmly. Surely that tickles Diamond. She will handle it like a graduate. Simply, she picked an open place for the meeting.

Immediately Diamond glided into Genesis, GRA in a simple outfit, blue jean, grey top. She matched to Charity, recognised that she is the one. Then started walking away towards the food counter. Charity followed. She pointed porridge yam, garri and egusi soup. Water. While she was walking away with the tray. Charity made payments. Trying to imitate, an ordinary girl’s footstep, Charity walked slowly dragging her slippers, with a bottle of yogurt in hand.
“Nice meeting you dear. I am Lola and you?”
Diamond didn’t reply. Charity tried to talk few more times. It didn’t work.

After she had eaten to her food, drank all the water and managed a belch that still came out loud. She looked at Charity. Her eyes explained that she would run off. The Detective in disguise pulled out a pen and a paper, roughly wrote her number. She extended it to her, Diamond starred at the piece of paper for some seconds before taking it.
Charity fell on the hotel bed, spread eagle. Anger and frustration laddered her head. She was still in that same position, knocked. He had gone out in a ready taxi, only driving around the city. From Aba Road, through Rumuola, Rumuokwuta, Mile 4, Waterlines before pitching at the hotel again. A hard knock startled them. Marshall stood up and went to unlock the door. Diamond forcefully three the door open and widened her legs to stop the man from closing it again. She began to scream, “Heeeh! Heeeh! Make una come o… Hotel people come o…come o.”


Marshall was still stunned. Charity quickly rushed her and closed her mouth with a palm.
“Keep quiet. Why the shout? This is a hotel. Keep quiet.”
“Don’t quiet me. Don’t quiet me. Wetin una come find. Who dey give una fake information.” Diamond said in between freedom.
“Just keep quiet first. Coke and sit, let’s talk.”
“No! No! I can’t sit with strangers.. Strange strangers at that.”
“Then how do we talk, you said nothing to me at the restaurant.”
“I could have preferred we chat but I don’t have a phone. My brother has gone out with his phone that I use to chat. Me I’m going.”

She removed Charity’s one hand on her shoulder and walked away. The detective shut the door, locked in.

“I sensed she was following me.”
“What a mysterious lass.” Remarked Marshall.
“What next.”
“I wonder. Yet I find everything interesting. This is how I juggle it brother.” His sister replied and went into the toilet. Diamond woke up the next day empty of

To be continued.

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