The Cigar Man. Part 2

  Besides, no one knows who is really living the life. Last night, she had fallen out of the Snooker hall with a fine man. Except, the fine man was of a low class even


Besides, no one knows who is really living the life. Last night, she had fallen out of the Snooker hall with a fine man. Except, the fine man was of a low class even his foam was low on the floor. The absence of bed. They fought sweet wars at night. Then she woke up early to the noise of his preparation to run to his insurance job. She smiled at where she had found herself that day and disappeared before the fine man emerged from the bathroom. She was tempted to leave him some money but didn’t. He might go about looking for her for goodness’ sake. They are not friends with scandals. It was an arranged life they led.
Marshall pulled out his phone, swiped and clicked before he placed the phone right in front of his sister. Charity’s eyes beheld a painting of his brother uploaded among other art works. The very one in same colon as his, an erotic painting of a dark woman. The presentation of them looked like Marshall was glaring at the woman’s nipple, about to magnet them to his mouth.
“This can be made into a meme or some funny image or video online. It doesn’t look too nice for you.”
“Mustapha will frown at this!” Marshall fumed and pushed his plate. What they have eaten through talks was simply nothing.
“I know but it’s not about Mustapha, it is what you want. Your dream to be a Senator fell in line with his promise to Daddy.”
“We need to exhume who painted this!” Marshall rushed in. He was totally perturbed, Charity knew he would go and eat groundnuts.


The young man substituted weed for groundnuts, he wanted with no limitations, to be a perfect young Senator. Charity clicked through and declared, “It is a shared content with no tagged origin.”
“Hmmmm.” Marshall vibrated and adjusted himself “And Facebook is not yet chipped to find people through photos. Can we involve a media hunt?”
Charity’s eyes widened, “Holy father! You are inviting a scandal while trying to avoid one. That will attract more attention.”
After the meal, Charity made for the stairs, “You go your way. I’m up in my closet, looking for where to haunt tonight. Yeah you know I’m on leave. Dressing up in this uniform…”
“Is just a ritual.” Her twin completed for her. She laughed throwing her head backwards. Marshall smiled curtly and strolled towards the door. They already miss each other. They had only each other.
Two days held Charity into searching for the creator of the art work. Images of the upload had 95 shares as a shared content. She couldn’t lay a hand on someone tangible while trying to avoid uproar till she saw a name. She guessed the person saved some of the photos and re-uploaded on her wall. “Diamond Okon” was the name. Charity ran through her wall, no vital info of her was visible except that she attended girls school and worked in Ama Keep Keep.”
When Charity showed Marshall the girl’s profile, they laughed and forgot that they breathed oxygen.

“Ama keep keep, what sort of a company or conglomerate is that?”
“Bro that’s a clothing line name, I go into the world often than you will ever do Mister Freeman Senator.”
“So what shall we do?”
“Chat her up.”
“With a guy’s profile, better.”
“No. I will simply be a girl.”
They were in Marshall’s room. The duo slept off there while waiting for the girl’s reply.
For three days, there was no reply. The next day, Charity sent a hi again. Diamond replied and the girls got chatting. The available vital information was that she stays in Lagos.
Charity alone flew to Lagos at once, the turbulent state where she betrayed criminals after being their buddy but she preferred her leave in her family house in Abuja.
She hollered Diamond, “Babe, I stay in Lagos too. Are you in mainland or island, let us hang out shebi.”
Diamond replied, “which Island, I mean Lagos, Lagos for inside Port Harcourt.”
The twins had a hearty laugh again when Charity revealed the funny mystery to her brother.
Marshall often wore face caps and very dark spectacles. He loved being reserved and out of shot. In a little camouflage, he left for Lagos and joined his sister to Port Harcourt.
Ochime, their buddy in the town could have solved accommodation need but they needed to do their search alone. Whatsoever hotel was good after they couldn’t get a Hotel Presidential suite.

Marshall was looking at the pictures again, “The painting is beautiful but ratty, imagine, I had an earring on, tattoos and I’m on a huge punk haircut, more like a good looking junkie not so good for politics.”
“Relax Twinnie, she chose Genesis, let’s get there on time. You hang around while I play new friend.”

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