Marriage Advice By Michelle Obama To Every Couple

Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard graduated lawyer better known as the former First Lady of the United States of America (FLOTUS), is one of the most driven and inspiring women to have ever taken the position.  Belonging to a middle-class family, with uneducated parents and a single-story house, she paved her way towards success and left her mark on her own untrodden territory. She is famous for her words of wisdom and impeccable speeches that she has delivered addressing … Continue reading “Marriage Advice By Michelle Obama To Every Couple”

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Michelle Obama is Teaching Women to Have This Kind of Conversation Among Themselves! Read Through!

Former USA First Lady, Michelle Obama has identified the aversion some women usually have for one another. Every woman needs to encourage her fellow in order for the female gender to achieve major goals in a world of men. Less inter-hating please! Also read Big Boys Story. Chapter One to Five