• FLOGGING THE CORRUPTION. New story @yourlibraryforreals

    Three students were throwing one another tantrums after eating five packs of stolen noodles with their fourth roommate in the hostel. They did not know that it was stolen.  Nathan had arrived earlier with the noodles and prepared it with the one and only annie sardine in Achor’s cupboard. After six long hours of short-spaced […]

  • FORCES OF MADNESS. a homely and interesting story @yourlibraryforreals   Favour sipped from the glass of wine in her hand. She chewed through the cookies grinding in her mouth, sipped the wine again and gently dropped the glass on the table. Mary her friend was sitting beside her doing the same thing. It was a […]

  • When Will This Kind of Incident Occur in Our Country, Nigeria

    Recently,  a group of 700 Canadian doctors and medic students carried out a mind blowing protest on the high nature of their salaries. Out rightly,  they demanded a cut on their salaries in order to allow improvements get to other societies. This is a very magnificent act.  The questions the people of Nigeria is asking […]

  • Who Did This to the President. Caption Buhari in this Picture

    This is a funny picture of the president of Nigeria.  Oh my God!  Who did this?  He looks cute though. You will also like Seven Bold Steps Every Nigerian Should Take to Evacuate Buhari in 2019  

  • Mr IBU so Handsome in new Selfie with Fellow Actors. Unbelievable!

    Funniest Nigerian actor Mr. Ibu shares a cute photo in company of Rachael Okonkwo and other actors.  The hair cut and handsomeness is not hidden. Mr Ibu is an actor and comedian with an awkward face that most persons think is ugly . Ibu is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters. […]


        One of my neigbours invited me to their glorious Super Sunday Service this January. As a free thinker who was not caged to a particular worship house, I honoured his invitation. Black suit, blue shirt, red tie, a black leather shoe and a well brushed hair. With my big King James Version Bible […]

  • Little Girl Claiming to be the Lead Actress Rose in our Favourite Film ‘Titanic’

    The movie “Titanic” has really become a myth.  Starred by Leonardo DiCaprio who played Jack and Kate Winslet who played Rose,  Rose who caught young Jack’s fantasy and love. Entangled in their love affair, they flourished till the boat Titanic sank taking millions of lives through the sea. However, Rose survives hanging on a door […]


    FACE TO FACE WITH NOTHING Bullets flew all over the place. Hitting on buildings, piercing the air and shattering glasses. My brain memorised every bit of noise. People were running here and there looking for where to hide themselves. I was one of them and just as I was running, I wondered if everyone’s brain […]



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  1. it is better, you consult your creator which is God Almighty, for help than consulting your friend, it is better you take advice from the holy spirit and tabling your problem to him than, telling it to your friend, who does not have your back and can not defend you when problems hit you. the holy spirit is the best consultor.

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