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Real City

Of necessity

Replete of communities

Climbing impossibilities

They strike in the sun of the day

No sleep still in dark of dark

Green forests and waters coat the terrains

Creeks and land as long as trains

Jollity people, very uppity

But they are trouble, such a pity

Jump into the oil stream

Dwell there thou must catch a dream

Beneath them black liquid fall

Black twinkling liquid useful for all

Blessings overturned

Treasures not returned

A planet of laughing and clashing

Join our jacking and cashing

We never are alone dear

We dote relatives fro afar and near

Original people with soft visions

Amidst strangers on wild missions

Together are we minors and gun-lords

Equally we are royals and good-lords

Let the old and young

Not do liquor highly for long

Let our marrow and conscience

Eat wisdom and patience

And she a lush vegetation, the city was garden

Look! Her world yellow and harden

Pardon our jaundized nuance

As we reek in painful abundance

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