My NYSC Experience in 2017. Full Story!

  “Insurance Company… Insurance Companies eeerhm. Insurance is all about securing risk. That’s why we have insurance and stuff… All insurance companies springing up….”Runke thought he was a joker, far from the seriousness of the


“Insurance Company… Insurance Companies eeerhm. Insurance is all about securing risk. That’s why we have insurance and stuff… All insurance companies springing up….”
Runke thought he was a joker, far from the seriousness of the Insurance guys about, in Lagos. He turned his wrist to know time. They were sitting opposite each other around a white aesthetic table. What amused Runke from the on set was the way he walked into the eatery, walked straight to her table, made himself comfortable by placing a file on the table before even looking up to her face. He winced first and proceeded with those slow insurance whatever. Runke only shot a wide eye at all he displayed before her. Her eye brows had furrowed out of accepting his behaviour shock as he continued.

“So Insurance can get you insured.. Even your body is insurance packed.”

Runke thought she will soon laugh. She held it, willing herself to stay till the end of the nuisance. She placed a finger on her cheek, relaxed on her chair like an employer listening to a job seeker. She was taking in all his details.
“The guy fine sha.” She told herself and wondered why he had come to her. She wasn’t particularly pretty or beautiful and her eyes were crude, the ugliest set of eyes on earth. She was aware of herself. Only her breasts made little sense, her behind was small and her colour, people called it, ‘dirty black.’ Nothing about beauty was attached to her.

She was simply on earth, breathing and roaming like every other being. The beautiful girls usually played princesses and queens from primary school and they took all the attention around her. All her friends in her entire life from childhood were usually pretty, that infuriated her as a teenager although with time, she decided to occupy her position proudly as the ugly duckling. Anywhere she went, fine girls eventually became her buddy and so did Naomi from NYSC camp, Akwa. Runke does not bother about who was looking at her or not, her aim was being a good girl, a good mother and wife. She was a very familial and true soul and most times, she wore dark sun glasses or eyelashes, she was helping the situation. That night, Naomi said she wasn’t going to eat out with her as planned. Runke suspected that it was because of the new cute man in their new residence. Naomi loved when people noticed her beauty and acknowledged it. The cute man had moved into one of the duplexes downstairs. As Corp members, they occupied the first and second storey building made up of self-contained apartments. It was a notable corper lodge in town. The fine man had moved in a week ago and the feathers of the pretty girls around had been flapping alluringly on him. Just yesterday, the man had commented that he liked Naomi not by words but by driving her to and fro a fuel station.

Runke knew Naomi might be out or in with him that night, the reason she sluggishly declined going to eat out. Runke went on her own all the same. She ate eba and palm kernel soup and settled in her relaxation. It was when she removed the tooth-pick in her mouth and discarded it that the young man dived to her. Part of her silence on him was actually instigated by a heavy stomach. She sat there, very sated, analysing him with her eyes and mind.

A waiter served them two bottles of red wine and two glasses. Runke widened her eyes again and still said nothing. The guy took his file and began to rummage in it, while doing that he pushed one bottle of wine and a glass towards her, “That’s for you.”
Runke adjusted, she must not drink that wine, never! And she will soon walk out on him. She concluded that he was a domineering big-headed cow. Shortly, he closed the file, looked up, smiled widely and said, “so from all I have said, how would you like to be insured by me.”
Runke shook her head in the greatest disbelief, throwing her hands on air, “What have you said?”
He cackled, “you see that’s what I’m talking about. I have said nothing yet I said something that made you give a response.”
“Heeeeh,” the young lady clapped and rolled her eyes.
“That’s why I asked these companies to leave me alone. The main insurance is in coins, crypto, crypto currency, I tell you.”
“This guy is mad,” whispered Runke.

Out of amazement, she poured herself a lot and began to gulp down. He did same and within minutes they were chatting heartily. Runke had mentioned that she hadn’t eaten ishi-ewu and nkworbi before, the local Igbo meat sauces. The Igbo man was very excited to order for them and watch her consume and comment how exquisite and fleshy Igbo kitchen mixtures are. Runke worked hard in cracking the goat bones and sucking few periwinkle. The whole enjoyment gave her mouth a funny rhythm, ‘tssss….aaaah….tssss….aaaah.’
He laughed with her and reminded her that she must know how to deal with pepper as a Yoruba girl. Runke smiled widely. She hated pepper. They drank some more and continued to discuss everything on earth. A Waiter soon stopped by and said, “Sir please, we want to close o.”
Together, they laughed at his funny voice and chased him away. Runke’s trouser began to sag. She knew what that meant. On the night of their burne fire in camp, Tobi and her had kissed in the parade ground. Other couples were also there. It was a wild arrangement. The white fowls doted the dark terrain with white marks, fondling their partners. Tobi was she and Naomi’s friend in camp but somehow that night they ended up being the kissing ones. Before they could go deeper, the soldiers sounded the bugle and called off the festival. They had caught a girl and a boy pants down in the male hostel.

The night fun developed into a stampede. Runke was on her libido’s peak that moment and it frustrated her into pink balls. She had her first and last relationship between her first and second year. The break up ended up giving her three ‘Fs’ that added an automatic extra year to her school year. Since then, Runke rebuffed a wave from any man who found it ok to need her. Her decision later changed after graduation and Tobi was the first kiss in camp. She was still high from what did not happen that night. Runke sized the young man, she might as well have fun, she will neither be the first nor the last to be known by a man that didn’t know her. His eyes were dreamy and his mouth was pointy like his nose. She leaned over the table and ran a hand on the moustache cutely occupying his chin.

“Should we go to my house?”
“No! Let’s use a hotel.” Runke stated.
He nodded in agreement. Runke was very pleased. She was the one who began the kissing once they climbed  into his car. His car added to it, he was good looking, nice, rich looking and human. The fact that he had a car thrilled Runke more. He was the particular package she had wished for even if it happens once. For her to be provided with everything even though the love wouldn’t last. She had pined to be treated nicely for once. Just once and she was having it. Odinaka received the kisses of a long longing loner with so much strength, passion and reality. He too wanted to meet someone new that period.

He yearned for a full attention from one girl that won’t run off him in a crazy world. He had simply gone to join a girl at her table and look what he fetched himself. A bustling bee.
Runke was the one on top, bouncing up and down, her titties were full and sloppy. Odinaka loved the view and how she had clutched him on their first round. The third time had him wish he was dreaming, she was real and happy and was not ashamed to echo his name or tell him to move his head towards her clitoris. She laughed wildly as he kissed her pubic and welcomed him fully while he did his job. There she was straddling him, riding him to the edges, cheerful and unrestrained. Runke was the picture of reality. They woke up in the night again and ran the marathon. Odinaka, again, held her closely and slept off.

She was gone. At the break of day, Runke was gone. He ran around the room, pacing and kicking. He even searched the water cistern as if she had flushed herself down the toilet. Odinaka touched his manhood, it was real, last night was real. He felt his body, encouraging his head to remember what had happened. The hotel receptionist said he didn’t see her walk out. Odinaka first hugged himself, she must be a ghost. It had escaped his mind to request her phone number. He had planned to do that in the morning when they would be parting. Life had robbed him that chance. Damn! He slapped his head, time really waits for no man. He would have taken everything at once. She was gone.

Odinaka visited the eatery often and found nothing like her, he went to the secretariat, waited aside on CDS days but found no Runke. The young man was dazed. What a wind of something awesome that blew him and ran away. If he gets her, she must lick his foot for treating him that way, Odinaka promised.

Runke was walking down the road from their PPA with Naomi. She enjoyed the fun and escaped and she liked it that way. Naomi praised her though for being that smart. They didn’t like Igbo men.

“Heeeeeh! Hiiaaaeeeh!” Odinaka screamed as he stepped hard on the break and veered to a side. He suddenly found her. He rushed towards her with a thunderous force. Runke thought it a threat and found a track road behind her, she zoomed off. What was hilarious was that he wasn’t chasing her with a car, he chased her by foot, down the track, into a main road. Naomi was plugged to the ground, amazed. She didn’t know if she should run after them or not, confused, she paced about and eventually went to lean on his car.

The village only had few persons along the road that were perplexed at the race between two young persons. Runke ran through the main road, her breasts jumping before her.

“Stop there! Stop there you… If I catch you… If I catch you.” Odinaka was shouting as he pursued.

“Na my girlfriend, na my babe o, na my babe, catch am.” Odinaka continued to alarm and forge ahead.

Runke was putting on a slippers that she had already flung off. She ran through any visible path, thinking it was better to escape. What she didn’t know was that Odinaka was not joking with any girl again that won’t take him seriously. He was ready to tie her up and hold her in his room. What was wrong with girls? He chased Runke till they were tired. Runke collapsed on a hill. She had tried running up the hill but that was the end of her strength. Odinaka walked to her heap on the dried muddy ground and pulled her up.
“Leave me!”
“For where? You think you can use me and dump me! No way, not in my father’s land!”

He always amazed her with his actions and reactions, words, especially. Her head was drooling as he pulled her along.

“Use you how? Leave me! Leave me now, I will scream!”

“Scream na! Scream biko. Screeeam!”

Runke could do nothing, she was out of breath, her blood pumped rapidly. Odinaka dragged her by hand till they got to his car. He was breathless himself.

“Enter the car! Enter the car!” He barked without noticing Naomi. Odinaka planned to give Naomi a dirty slap if she tries to act up for her friend. He lowered Runke into the front passenger seat. Rushed to Naomi and dragged Runke’s bag from her hand. Naomi stood there very surprised at a mad young man. He jumped into the drivers’ seat.

“My slippers.” Runke managed to say.
“I will buy another one. Thirty sef.”

Runke rolled her eyes and waved at Naomi. Naomi felt defeated and mocked, that was the first time a guy had not noticed her charm. She stood there jealous and alone.

Runke called her at night and said she was alright where she was.

Their wedding happened within the second year of their friendship. What love performed.

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