Marriage Advice By Michelle Obama To Every Couple

Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard graduated lawyer better known as the former First Lady of the United States of America (FLOTUS), is one of the most driven and inspiring women to have ever taken

Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard graduated lawyer better known as the former First Lady of the United States of America (FLOTUS), is one of the most driven and inspiring women to have ever taken the position.  Belonging to a middle-class family, with uneducated parents and a single-story house, she paved her way towards success and left her mark on her own untrodden territory.

She is famous for her words of wisdom and impeccable speeches that she has delivered addressing multiple issues of the world, speaking for the rights of the oppressed, LBGTQ community, women, refugees, etc. She is also very vocal about gun control issues and laws, the importance of education and career driven attitude, a stable marriage and family and the tips and tricks to achieve a happy marriage.

Despite being from a humble background, she always strived to excel at school, extra-curricular activities, work and after marriage; she proved her skills in developing and maintaining a successful and happy life with her life partner better known as the 44th president of the United States of America. It may be surprising to a few but the aforementioned, one of the most loved and cherished personalities in the USA prior to his presidency worked under her mentorship as an intern.

He was immediately entranced by her intellect, code of conduct and commitment which led to him pursuing her despite being turned down a few times. Eventually, she agreed to go out with him, and after being in a relationship for 3 years, they decided to tie the knot and get married. Michelle later revealed that Barak hadn’t promised her riches and luxuries in their wedding vows, but he had pledged to offer her an interesting life which, she admits, he delivered.

She continues to lead a happy and peaceful married life now with Barak Obama and their two beautiful daughters, Malia Ann Obama and Sasha Obama. Michelle over the 8 years of serving as the FLOTUS has shared multiple of her secrets and tips vocally adding up to a flourishing and resilient marriage and by her actions set an example for all to follow.

She addressed the problems of insecurities in marriage by saying that a wife is not threatened by anything as much as the mere thought of another woman competing with her for her husband’s attention and affection.

She added that there is also nothing more humiliating, painful, disrespectful and belittling. On another occasion, she said that in marriage there is no ‘’you’’ or ‘’I’’, partners are meant to work together as a team to achieve a common and agreed upon goal. If they begin competing with each other, their relationship is bound to collapse.

Michelle, on the topic of husbands, said that the reason other women look attractive to men is that those women are well taken care of by someone. Instead of pursuing other women, it is better to provide the love and care to your own wife to make her feel beautiful, admired and respected.

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Instead of focusing on the greener grass across the fence, it is more important to water your grass regularly.

Furthermore, she added that a man prioritizing his wife makes her feel important and relevant, a feeling any wife honors and craves.

She is also very mindful of the everlasting impact of a failed and unsuccessful marriage on children. She stressed on multiple occasions on the importance of setting an example for your children by holding your end in making your marriage work.

According to her, Children see their parents as an example and witnessing their love, respect and commitment give them hope.

She on several occasions emphasized the lack of correlation between the big house, expensive brands, fancy cars and a happy marriage. She was of the belief that mutual love, commitment, respect, and honesty are the key ingredients to a successful marriage.

According to her, a marriage cannot be successful if only one of the two partners is making an effort or compromising. Taking your partner for granted or confusing their relentless love for you for their mistake, could lead to total destruction of the marriage and you losing something irreplaceable.

She also highlighted the importance of praying for your spouse, their happiness, protection, health, etc., every day.

The former LOTUS spoke about the impact of one’s social circle on their married life. She said that friends could play a pivotal role in making or breaking the marriage and thus, one should choose them wisely.

She also added that relationship advice should only be taken from people who are in a good, happy and cohesive relationship and not from single individuals who derive their advice from movies and theoretical examples.

Now, after her 8 years of serving as the FLOTUS, continues to use her voice to inspire and motivate young individuals to pursue their dreams and to take pride in their hard work and commitment for it will eventually by their drive that enables them to bring a positive and impactful change in the world. She has set an example for all individuals and left words for wisdom in many aspects of life to help people make good and informed decisions.


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