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Perfect! I meant to say his garb was perfect. Is there any other term used to describe someone who is tall, wide-chested, earthen, that is a male? Maleficent! Men like that never come to me.


I meant to say his garb was perfect.
Is there any other term used to describe someone who is tall, wide-chested, earthen, that is a male? Maleficent!

Men like that never come to me. She whined.

Linda was still looking at him with the end of her almond eyes, She slightly relieved herself of the first dress in her hand, tossing the others about.

She was trying to make a perfect choice of her outfit next Sunday. It has been long she wore something verbose to church and this time she was keen to beat her friend Mary on their languorous Sunday white carpet at the Dominion City Church.

There was nothing else she ever liked except pants- trouser and a shirt robed loosely around her body but she needed to buy exceptional wears that day. Her mind ran back to the man she saw earlier and she began to wonder why he came into the mall straight to Mr. Price female boutique. She had seen him once in church among the technical workers. Again, in a traveling agency. They didn’t say a word to each other but she saw his Adam’s apple tweak and twerk.

‘Whoever it is that he was choosing anything for better be grateful, whether a wife, a sister, a mother or maybe his unwedded spouse.
He is such a stalwart. How I wish I’m a Queen.’ Linda sang and squeezed into herself.

To add to her unsettled thoughts, the young man made for her direction, he was walking towards her. Linda gasped and cursed. Surreptitiously, she shifted into another rail of clothing. She maneuvered into the next roll pretending not to see his moves yet he kept walking towards her. Linda entered the next roll again, he was still coming. Then she dived into the last roll where brassieres and panties were displayed softly. Luckily, she didn’t see his approach again. ‘We bless God.’ She spurted and exhaled.

Few seconds later,
‘How much do they cost?’ A voice from behind startled her.

He was behind her. Linda refused to turn. She quickly blurted, ‘Oh! Welcome. Good day! What do you want from here? Oh! Sorry. I don’t work here. They are over there.’ She pointed to the direction he just came from and stepped forward pretending to be selecting from the varieties.

The man smiled, he loved how she tried to obscure the discomfort.
‘Please I need you to help me pick something sweet and nice for my….er…my lover. Please thank you.’ He dragged the please till Linda smiled her disappointment. .

Linda winced stylishly and led him away to wherever he wanted. ‘What does she like? Cow girl? Giddy girl? Corporate?  Trousers, skirts or gowns?’ Linda inquired. It made him giggle and she saw that his right incisor was uniquely halved.

‘I don’t really know. Anything you can choose for a fine lady almost like you.’ He replied fluently.

‘Gown should be simple and will save us time’ she said briskly and walked him to the third roll.

Linda always wore trousers to cover up everything God made of her and whatever it was she wanted to choose for the lucky girl should just be the opposite of her clothing penchants.

They finally settled on a red, straight, V-neck gown. Not her type, her best colour was blue and if she would ever wear a gown it should be flair, something loose and opulent.

They left for the other corner to get a shoe and she simply chose a conspicuous silver and red dotted block-heel shoe. Stiletto was actually her personal taste.

Linda cordially concentrated on the business of choosing an outfit for a lover, the man did same albeit staring hard.

When they landed at the corner for jewelry, Linda was already tired but she refused to divulge it. In a real sense, she couldn’t conclude on the misnomer in choosing for another woman.

She picked a silver necklace and a red pair of earrings. The red bangles she selected were too sophisticated and expensive but she just chose them to save time. Later, she returned them and chose an earthly coloured wrist watch.  He did not ask why and she refused to expatiate.

The way he looked at her at the cashier was quiet funny but she waved it off, already angry about her forgotten luck with men. Haven separated from nine different guys, she was freaking tired. Lately, she was focused on only what God can make out her being.

The dandy said thanks and pleaded to have her accompany him to his car.

‘What for?’ She almost nagged.

‘Easy please, I need to ask you some few questions?’

Linda would have prevaricated but she chose to annihilate what she had begun.
Behind the car, he quickly pulled her close and brought his face upon hers. Linda quivered terribly, inhaling the scent of bubble gum sliding from his breath. What a thespian, she cursed inwardly.

‘Here is my card,’ He moved and handed her the squared and translucently designed paper as well as the bag.

‘Carina Hotels Bar, 5pm on Sunday. It will be our first sit out. Thank you for your graciousness Linda.’

Smartly, he jumped into his car. Linda could feel her legs wobble as she walked away from the starting car. She could see that he was really shy even in his creativity.

She watched him speed off. The woman he just finished with could see him but could not see herself anymore. The way he called her boldly-Linda! Dazzled her, the sensation sent her right fingers to caress her left arm that was holding onto the bag and the card. She began to wonder what else he must have from others asked about her.

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