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Wennendah wore the first traditional kaftan in Rumualogu before 1900. ACT i, SCENE i WENENDAH: I am walking on a bush path leading to the farm, I surfaced on the farm plucking some of the

Wennendah wore the first traditional kaftan in Rumualogu before 1900.


WENENDAH: I am walking on a bush path leading to the farm, I surfaced on the farm plucking some of the seeds from an esahra plant while my good matchet cling on me from aside . Four of my maidens wait on me graciously in wonder as of my humility till Anuka rushed to me. Chei!

ANUKA: Hei! Princess Wenendah. My Princess …sorry Wenendah!

WENENDAH: Anuka, Wenendah is my name. What a stutter you have become. Speak! What is your race about?

ANUKA: (panting) Wenendah yes… Wenendahya . It is your mother, you know that she is pregnant and your sister has gone to Rumuola to meet the women who sell urii…

WENENDAH: You have said nothing Anuka. Is there any problem between our people and the Igala traders?

ANUKA: No! But it is your mother, she is in pain and wanted you to be there with the midwives.

WENENDAH: (interrupts) Oh! She is in labour you jester, let us go. Now! We are running to the Obiri, the palace of the Nyewele eli.


WENENDAH: Ahead of my followers I run home to help my mother and my people, she might bear a son to own and rule the land, a son to be built by me. Ovundah annoys me again.

OVUNDAH: Wenendah, the eagle of her people, Wenendah wait please, wait! what is the matter?

WENENDAH: Ovundah I warn you for the last time to let me be before I slaughter you with my matchet. I am running to the Obiri. Be more of a man and go tie your crawling yams or I might need to teach you how to be a man. (She leaves him standing there startled.)

OVUNDAH: (talking alone): Of course I am a man Wenendah, I am a mighty man of Rumualogu and my yam barn is in abundance. Thanks to the gods more the day you will let me be your friend, just your hunting friend. For you to be my wife is what I cannot tell your stubborn ears.

ACT i ,SCENE iii

WENENDAH: My mother lay on fresh banana leaves, legs spread widely and as I come in just to hold her, the child jumps out to the midwives.

ALEKIRI: Look! A son, a prince of Rumualogu, Wenendah you have a brother!

KENWO: Oh praise is to our ancestors, finally a son. Wenendah go and reach your father at ogbeni farm land where he is blessing our gods with other chiefs.

WENENDAH: I am so delighted but Kenwo you go and reach my father, I cannot leave my mother and brother alone with no other of my blood here. I am the only one present, so go reach the King while I watch them with Alekiri. (Kenwo furrows but flees to the errand.)

ALEKIRI: Watch them while I get a royal lapper to bound his young body. (Alekiri exits)

WENENDAH: We now celebrate a throne of daughters and sons. Mama, Mama look at your son. (Uriinma is not saying a word.) Mama! Mama! Look at my brother, your child, your son. (She says nothing again, Wenendah  lifts her head to her lap touching her chest with her left hand even as she rocks her brother in her left arm.)

ALEKIRI: (rushing in) Here is the lapper your mother has kept for this day. Wait! Why the sadness around here?

WENENDAH: My mother is saying nothing after bearing her own son.

ALEKIRI: (screaming) The gods. Eli Rumualogu o!

WENENDAH: Do not alarm my people, check her eyes and give her the lizard soup.

KENWO: (rushing in) Chei! Wenendah! Wenendahya o! Alekiri the worst is here.

WENENDAH: What now! Where is my father?

KENWO: Come and see. Come and see your father on ….( They exit)


WENENDAH: I am standing in front of the Obiri with my brother in my arm, my mother lay helpless there and here my father, Nyewe eli rocks on the head of his guards, the chiefs follow them, some villagers wail and shout. I stand there petting the hot tears in my eyes. Ola my sister run into the calamity, she screams and embraces our father as the stalwarts settle him in the Obiri. I am crying, I am hurting and everybody is astonished and pained but my brother smiles to my face from inside the lapper.


to be continued

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