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WENENDAH: The king and the queen now lay in their hut and I settle the prince in their midst, they are weary and quiet. As I walk out slowly in depression and sorrow, I hear their voices, the voice of Owhor my father’s brother.

OWHOR: Bring down your voice very well eh Honume.

HONUME: Ehem. Now that the gods are punishing him, what is our next plan?

OWHOR: To sit on the throne! Why are you asking as if you don’t know that once foofoo is served the next thing coming in the calabash is onugbo soup.

HONUME: What about the child that is born?

OWHOR: A mighty king like my brother has fallen and you think eliminating a mere child is now a problem. That is very easy, just watch as I take over Rumualogu and control its wealth including the riches across the palm road leading to the stream that was taking from Nvamini by my brother.

HONUME: Hmmm. That is true, that is true. I knew it will not be long before the gods visit him for that.

OWHOR: I tell you Honume, it is done. Let us go and meet the dibia man that we sent for, looks like he is here.

WENENDAH: As I stand there. I cannot scream but think hard of everything. So Owhor is a tortoise.

(The dibia man walked passed her into the hut)

WODIVIA:(starring at the king, the queen and the prince in their middle.) Hmmmm! Eli ikwe o, the gods forbid! It is true that he who brings ant infested firewood home should not grow weary of the visits of the lizards. It is also true that swallowing an udara seed is not a problem but rather how to pass it out. If you cross seven rivers and forests before you get to the land of the spirit, to come back it is said will take four or more of your generations. I did not see this. Tufiakwa o!

KING: (muttering restlessly) Wene….Wene…..ndah, Wenendahya.

(The dibia man walks out to meet the chiefs and few villagers waiting in the Obiri, Wenendah follows him.)

WODIVIA: (dancing around with his staff) Ojiriji ka igwe,ka mini vugwu eli, anyone who sees you will still die twice even in the land of the dead. Eliogu our great god is the most powerful.

OWHOR:(cuts in) Kpo nkwem! True!  Wodivia so what is Eliogu saying?

WODIVIA: Eliogu is nodding to the flute that Rumualogu is playing.

OWHOR: How? I put it that it might be some evil people that are playing the flute that are being punished.

WENENDAH: And it might be true that some people who bought the flute and served it to the players are standing in the obiri now with us.

OWHOR: Wenendah! A woman or a princess you are not allowed to say anything inside the obiri.

WENENDAH: People of Rumualogu, the king, my father has decreed that as a result of the calamity that has befallen us today, everyone needs to go home, offer sacrifices and pray to the gods. And no one, I say it again no one should leave his or her hut or his family once the night becomes as dark a black goat.

OWHOR: What?


WENENDAH: Wodivia! I thank you for coming, if not for your eyes I wonder how we would have been able to see.  Let us go to my father’s chi and offer some sacrifices. (They exit while the chiefs and villagers disappear one after the other)

ACT ii, SCENE ii

WENENDAH: The guards watch my family closely but in a title of their oblivion, I run out of the palace, through the obiri and out of the compound. Fearfully I race and speed in the darkness of the night that no one was out. The rule I have broken yet I am running and panting, I am running to Wovikeh the carver. I learn carving from him.

ACT iii, SCENE i

WENENDAH: Today is Urie, the lapper around my breasts and my waist is the best that I have possessed and I sit on the throne of my father with the staff of Ogu in my right hand. I am fearless as Owhor walks in to his chagrin.

OWHOR: Eliogu ikwe o. Tufia! Tufia! Tufiakwa! Chei! Wenendah come down from the throne, come down o before Eliogu strikes you to death and what is that you are holding?

WENENDAH: (smiling in content) Owhorji my dear uncle, I am holding the staff of Ogu, the symbol of authority and rulership of Rumualogu. It also carries the wrath of the king.

OWHOR: Wenendah an elderly man like me cannot be sitting down in a hot noon and watch the sheep tied to a rope give birth in pain. Wenendah a woman is not…

WENENDAH: A woman is not supposed to talk in the council of the elders and the king inside the obiri talk of sitting on the throne. I know very well and I tell you also that Eliogu our god is aware that I am sitting here.

OWHOR: Heeeeh! Eli Rumualogu o. Eli Rumualogu o. ( Owhor runs out to call the people)

WENENDAH: Run! Run fast and call Rumualogu.

(The chiefs return with some villagers)

WENENDAH: My people you are welcome.

HONUME: So this madness is true. So the vulture has finally defecated on your head Wenendahyah.

WOKEH: Wenendah step down from the throne now! Step down now and save us from further calamities.

Ola: (pleading) My people I do not know what is wrong with my sister, please have mercy on her, you all know what is happening to my family. (to Wenendah) Wenendah please, my sister, your chi is a man we know and we appreciate and love your fights for your people but please step down and resist the wrath of Eliogu.

(The people keep murmuring and forbidding the act, some running a hand around their head as though they fling evil off their generations.)

OWHOR: Wenendah! Get out of the throne now!

WENENDAH: Over my dead body!

OWHOR: Igasikwa, guards! Guards! Throw her out of the obiri. (Igasikwa the head guard and three other guards rush towards Wenendah.)

WENENDAH: Owhor! I hope you know that my father is still alive and who gave you the power to command the guards on me. Igasikwa how dare you come close to me, Wenendahya! Retreat or move closer to me and watch me burn you down with the staff of Ogu that I have in my hands now! (fear billowed in the obiri)

HONUME: This is not a mere fight again o. Someone go and fetch Wodivia. (two guards run out)

(Enter Wodivia)

WODIVIA: (starring at Wenendah vigorously on the throne) Darkness is indeed a relative of light and day. Our people say that the gods who watch you suffer small rashes will equally provide you with fingernails to scratch them.  The wrath of Eliogu has come.

ACT, ii

KING ELIZABETH, Act ii. New drama @yourlibraryforre




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