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My mother was the primal woman to have begun a church in my community. A church so many said emerged on my eighth birthday after my mother had prayed for a convulsing child in the

My mother was the primal woman to have begun a church in my community. A church so many said emerged on my eighth birthday after my mother had prayed for a convulsing child in the little ceremony. They said my mother used to say many divine things in The Apostolic Church during massive prayers or when the songs and choruses rollicked among the believers almost bringing down the heavens. When the child became calm after she laid her right palm on her forehead, people marveled more and then, were so much singing and dancing and the spreading of the news of a real prophetess.

She prayed for people most times in our sitting room before they began to worship every Wednesday and four years later, my father was still a driver in a university but my mother became Mummy K. I and my three younger brothers became the preacher’s kids. We no longer lived in my father’s-father’s I-house. Mummy built a big house in my father’s own land and the big church right in front of the house served as a façade to our new home. Sometimes, people slept over in the house or in the church, especially women who has been delivered of their babies through my mother.  I did not know what those wealthy men and women and many villagers sort from my mother’s mouth till my own day.

My limbs did not quirk when they announced the session for praise and worship. The crowd was twice as large as it used to be. The invitation cards had been distributed even among neigbouring communities and words had gone near and far that Mummy K-Catherine will have the opening ceremony of her new church. The first day of her worship in the big temple. It was themed “Mummy K. Church Launch 2003” on the card.  I ambled towards the set place for the musical instruments. Chikodi, standing behind the piano, ran his fingers across the keyboards and a very beautiful ascending sound dispersed. People screamed, igniting the enthusiasm.

‘I love Jesus I no go lie, inside Jesus I live and die,’ my soprano voice was doing that. People cheered on the song.

‘No matter what people may say about Jesus, I will never regret to serve my God. Sister do you love my Jesus?’

The people gladly echoed, ‘Yes I love him.’

‘Brother do you love my Jesus?’

‘Yes I love him.’

‘She is only 12 and look at how she sings like an old woman- my eldest sister.’ My father said once to my mother inside their room. ‘I hope this will not stop my daughter from her education because…’

‘Because what,’ My mother retorted, ‘My daughter is blessed and is better than your sister who sings in the action group for the devil, always going into the evil forest to seek powers.’

‘That is not where I was directing this talk to Catherine.’

The verses and choruses I raised were climbing into my head, climaxing within the joyous people, building up and pitching a cloud towards heaven. My left arm was lifted very high, waving and thanking, oblivious of my two helping singers that were adults. Suddenly, my eyes shut hard, I worshiped marvelously and led the crowd skywards, I saw rain falling. I really saw rain falling.

‘I see the rain of blessings falling upon us, I see it! I see it brothers and sisters!’

Halleluiah and Amen escaped their mouths in a blissful rhythm.

The next time my mother saw me later that day was at about 6pm, Samson was fondling with my breasts at the back of our house surrounded by thick vegetation. Samson escaped right away. I was electrified. I thought my mother was still busy with his remaining guests. No one came to the back of the house except they wanted to take a slash, mostly men that will never urinate in the convenience and everyone was almost gone. We did not hear any footsteps. It must be magic. I tucked my young growing breasts into my blouse and walked slowly and shamefully to my mother. My mother twigged, twisted and twined my ear into the room but Mummy K. prayed for me earnestly at the altar of her God the next day.

I remembered Chikodi pressing and kissing my breasts each time I went to him for an errand from church. He told me that he was not ready to use me but he loved touching me. My mother was praying and binding things on my head but I was liking what the boys were doing to me.

Treasure was my name but most persons sweetly called me Tiitii. My school mother when I went to board in school loved calling me Tiitii the most, she called my breasts large tits when she held them and worshiped them. She touched me well everywhere even in between my legs. I went home on holidays and sang in the church and saw visions but I was sleeping with my Agric teacher after Zion, a day student had invited me one day to his room and entered into me firstly.

Once upon a time, I became 25 and I was walking out of my mother’s father’s compound when a young man walked up to me and asked many nice questions of me. He was a fine young man. I should sleep with him next but I was taken unaware. He trailed me till he knew my home and the next day, he was speaking with my mother.

My grandfather was old but strong and rich. He had given me a substantial amount of money that I needed for my school that day. I told him that it was for my books but I was wont to using most of my savings to pass my courses in school. Most of my course mates whom had studied Marketing with me had graduated a year ago and there I was skittering to pass my spilling courses. The few lecturers I entangled with weren’t enough to get me out and most of the guys and men that did it with me lavished my coition-loving habit.

My mother took my phone and deleted the young man’s number.

‘That man is your husband! Please honour me as your birth mother and allow me to communicate with him properly. I will be pleased to join you and him in holy matrimony without you packaging yourself to him Treasure! Treasure! You are a child of God!’

Her words were secrets, annoying secrets. She knew that my legs were an express way but did not know that I have had five foetus abortions and the last idiotic guy I slept with before visiting home smoked a lot and had entered into me dry, rough and carelessly that I had to limp back to my room in school. Kate my friend aided me with drugs and dashed hot water into my woman body and around my stomach for three consecutive days before I got healing. She was the only girl who refused my sexual proffers.

As my large breasts that could not do without brassieres heaved up and down in anger before my mother, I thought about few young women that attended her church who had tangled in bed with me and lots of other girls that became my lovers in school. I was brown and beautiful with glassy cat eyes that shown through anyone. People noticed that first before they settle their gaze on my large inviting mammary glands. My buttocks were just portable and they went about with good legs that displayed below my skimpy skirts.

A year ago, before my mother encountered an accident, I saw a bicycle hit her in my dream. Before my father’s sister’s death, I had dreamt that everyone was all dressed in black in a burial ceremony in which she did not attend.  During our last year in marketing studies, a course mate that was dear to me had passed on after I had perceived a very obnoxious smell from my slumber at night. The odour had hit me hard that I had to wake up and smell the buttocks of my girlfriends to check if they farted but it seemed the odour was just in my nose alone. After the burial of my dear friend, I narrated the mystery to my mother and she affirmed that death spiritually had a bad smell that could only be perceived by the gifted.

I could not comprehend how I could be gifted and flawed. How the nurse had told me that my womb is a rattletrap yet my mother had claimed that God had sent me a husband. What is the similarity between divinity and immorality was what I asked of heaven. The period I lay with just one man was the time I had seen rapture descend upon the world. I interpreted my fate to be that of a bride that was cursed to wear neither a white gown nor a veil on her wedding ceremony. Many had seen me but God had gifted me with eyes to see through them even more.

I jeered to my mother that I had to be in school but she had apprehended my phone and my purse. She called on my three now grown younger brothers to come home and watch me. Mummy K. fasted and prayed on a problem I did not understand. I was not allowed out of the compound until the man came with his people to perform the first traditional rites. Every preparation about the Traditional and Christian marriages was called in as home services. The man often came to see me in the living room where we discussed hearty topics. Still, I knew my mother was watching from a door ajar. On one of such evenings, I tried to kiss the man forcefully, she jumped out and warned the man belligerently to resist me if he really needed a good wife.

On the eve of my marriage ceremony, my mother had said, ‘You will stay in this house and you will not sleep with that man until he marries you completely. That is your plague that will soon be your healing. The light shineth into the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. Treasure my pretty daughter, I did not give up on you and I never will. I saw all the temptations surrounding you and truly you are my trial from heaven, a task that I battled to fulfill.  As I hand you over to that man tomorrow, you will love and respect him and..’

I made an irritating face.

‘I said you will love and respect him and be whole as a good woman in Jesus name.’ She said Amen alone. I was amused at her madness. No man will ever be mighty enough to be my husband. I was out to defile just anyone. I even slapped their cheeks with my great boobs. The fun of it all. Already, I had enveloped my mind into placating my family by marrying a man that I did not even know the size of his manhood. I smiled at what I had planned to execute in the marriage and walked out swiftly on my mother.  Mummy K. wreathe in pain and shed few tears.

Tiitii took her bosoms gladly to the man’s duplex in another state after her wedding for honeymoon. After he rode into her for the first time for straight six hours, she gasped pleasurably into his ears “Honey”. Within the week when she could not stoop to pick up her panty from a corner, she said to him, ‘Sweetheart come and help me.’ Kate called her for school a month later but she answered, ‘I am still with my toy Dear’ but after she became pregnant and begot  twin boys she took the man into her comely chubby arms and called him ‘My husband.’


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