The moment was frozen, people began to crawl out slowly to have a view. Rebecca remained in the car, her head on the steering. The scream from the first viewers astonished her. Nelson had fallen

The moment was frozen, people began to crawl out slowly to have a view. Rebecca remained in the car, her head on the steering. The scream from the first viewers astonished her. Nelson had fallen to a side, very close to the left tire, his body covering the boy he had just saved from a fast death. The students’ scream later turned to claps, some began to cry. The medics rushed in and picked up Nelson and the boy on stretchers. Nelson’s eyes were on Rebacca’s window, she was gaping at him too in the greatest shock.

‘I am fiiine!’ Nelson screamed as he was being carried away, not for the people but for his Becca. He did not want her to worry about him, about anything.

She was also carried away; her panic had turned to blood bombs all over her body. She was shocked and reddened. Nelson got well in no time, he let himself out of the doctor’s office and went to Rebecca. She was asleep. He greeted her parents and sat with them. Rebecca’s mother calmly came to him and took his palms into hers. She looked exhausted and sad. Nelson raised his head to reveal his falling tears. They could hear him.

‘I do not… I must say that I do not have my own parents but for Rebecca, Daniel, Abi and me, remain our parents please. Please Mrs. Ben, please Mr. Ben.’ He cried. The small family sobbed along.

Nelson’s victory was over announced and pronounced the next day, his team tearing the school with howls of wolves. Even Duke and his league felt like he deserved it. His running mates shook hands with him intently; they seemed rather surprised at what he had become. A people’s person all of a sudden. Mind-striking good blow, they stated on him.  Rebecca was with her siblings when Nelson matched to her door with a big bunch of flower. Abi was the first to see him, she ran to him. ‘Did you win? Did you win?’

Nelson could not hide the wide smile.

‘Heeeeey! Guess!’

‘You wooooon!’ Rebecca screamed for him.


Joyfully, she lifted herself to him. It was a one embrace. Abi hugged their legs. Daniel who seemed less concerned, pulled down his hood. ‘Yes you won, cool but you guys are weird. Eeeeil.’ They turned to him and had a great laugh.  Mr. and Mrs. Ben refused to get a divorce that year and in the years to come, they did not get any. Together, Rebecca and Nelson drove through miles; they headed upwards, interstate, to the stir.

Nglove had opened the paths again on to the people of Bozavia. It was 1807 and the unlucky ones are to be taken, they are being taken, they have been taken. Shazu had hidden Uzi, Ulu’s brother in the cave and was taking Ulu, his very young wife to another hideout. They have just been married four days ago. Damn Nglove, they had not called him king, he was a hell of a worst sellout, cruel actions of the blacks and whites. The people knew about the wealth and death in slavery. To suffer in the deaths of adults and the kidnap and raise of their children in the farms to be slaves but sweetly called Christians. Shazu is determined to remain a South African, not to be bought and given a new name with false hopes of what was framed that slaves enjoyed from white men. He fought well to protect his homestead with his father till he married Ulu. Then after four days of the beautiful days and nights of sheer love, the white monsters were let in by their cruel ruler. Shazu caused Nglove tirelessly as he was apprehended with Ulu. An aggressive attempt to escape, resulted in a harsh, quick struggle. Ulu was wounded, blood splashed around the spear plunged into her abdomen. The most heart-wrecking sight Shazu cried that he will ever see. Ulu was then left on the stony ground to bleed to death while Shazu was dragged away.

‘We cannor take her, she, a dead meat.’ One of the white monsters said.

Ulu’s eyes stretched far in agony to the parting vision of her lover and husband, a wild abandon. She cursed, ‘Unless you are not human beings, then you must not see the wickedness of my spirit coming to you that take what is mine, you that kill my people. Shazu….zuuuu…zuuuhiiii. I see you… I shall find you through different lives in one and through a thousand lifetimes. In death or life, Shazu.’

Ulu was fortunately saved by some slaves settlers passing by, Ulu survived but refused to find a way back to her people, she made up her mind to be a slave and find her husband. The daughter she later bore for a white monster on the farm was the one of her that left in the ship on her father’s orders. She smiled on the day of her death that her daughter was of her spirit. Years later, in the woods of old Southampton, where the hotel was built in further civilisation was where Shazu was hanged for sleeping with a white lass who claimed to have been in love with him. She could not be punished so all manner of torture went to Shazu. On hearing of Shazu’s death, she escaped her parents to a far life of long depression and dreams of Shazu. The seed of him in her later became her prize. It is the same lineages through generations that gave life to Nelson and Rebecca, to the fulfillment of the words from the stones of blood.

Nelson and Rebecca drove into the prison once, every month. But one day, Sarah, Nelson’s mother was sitting opposite his father when they arrived. She did not leave, no more, he was her suckling child.

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