A pet name for her ran into his heart at once, ‘Becca, oo…Rebecca. Rebecca, there you are.’ She was shaking like him too. ‘Yes, uuuhm, there is a trash over there to be picked.’ She

A pet name for her ran into his heart at once, ‘Becca, oo…Rebecca. Rebecca, there you are.’

She was shaking like him too. ‘Yes, uuuhm, there is a trash over there to be picked.’ She stated awkwardly and pointed to a far end. ‘Oh…but I will join you.’ She added. Nelson laughed to that and like a Zombie, began to walk to where she pointed, urine might escape his manhood soonest. Truly, that was Nelson’s first sexual sensation in his life. Rebecca was driving them home, ‘Do you mind knowing what happened at the party?’ She tried him.

‘What par…party?’

‘There was a party before the fight. I kissed Maggie and Jita’s boyfriends.’ She was laughing to that. Nelson foolishly joined her to laugh too, he did not want to offend her. He simply asked.

‘But was that what you wanted?’

‘Yeeees! It was fun, yeah, fun, fun and my parents will quickly understand that I am not dull or sickly.’

‘Sure you are no…not! You had fun!’ Nelson refused to blame her, he moved his mind to the conclusion that she could have been sneaked on. Drugs! Rebecca was a charming girl, like a burning fire that everyone must accept. While she parked her red car, she declared, ‘Come and see my room.’ Nelson was wide-eyed, he flung on his bag and followed. She went too fast with her lips, ‘Dad, Mum, Abi, I have been in school picking trash with Nelson, you will not believe it. He is with me now, he wants to see my room.’ She began to drag him to his room, there was no opportunity for him to even greet, he mouthed a greeting anyway. Her parents smiled in unison. What followed at home were, ‘Mum, I’m at the zoo with Nel. Mum, I am at Nelson’s detention. Dad, I am going out with Nelson, tenish it is. Dad, can I have some money, Dad, we won’t be late, I promise. Mum, where is the cat’s food, Nelson’s cat needs it. Abi, will you want to go out with Nelson and I?’

Her parents shook their heads to that last request, they went out all together instead. Nelson felt water washing his veins all the way from heaven while he had a good time with Rebecca’s family. In her car, after school, Rebecca stretched out a hand. ‘Let me have it.’


‘Your speech.’

Nelson rummaged his notes and found it. He had written ten lines.

“I assure you fellow students that there will not be any better president than I, me, Nelson Whyte. I am a good human being and I like being honest and polite. I do not like troublesomeness and what will make anyone cry. I like Rebecca and Mrs. Pearl and my classmates. My classmates do not like me but like philosophers will say, I will and wish them well. I am standing here as a candidate to hold up, really high the accountability and responsibility…”

Rebecca finally laughed and covered Nelson’s face with the paper. He drew from the laughter too. ‘Well, your intentions are clear but it has to be put down in a more formal construction.’ She remarked. They worked on the speech the following days and when they were done on a Wednesday, Nelson finally said, ‘I have something big and important to show you.’ They eventually produced the 200 pounds that led them back to Hotel Intercontinental. The man was not there. Nelson held Rebecca’s hand while searching for him. Later, he told Rebecca to get back to the car while he waited. In 30 minutes, Rebecca began to hoot carelessly, Nelson quickly ran back to her.


‘You just gatto keep me here? This is crazy, you are crazy!’

‘No, no, no Rebecca, I’m certain about the man. Let us wait some more.’

‘No! You are crazy! Oh, what did I read about crazy people….uuhm…they try so hard to make people around them crazy.’

‘No Becca!’

But she was already off the block. Nelson fought the air and went to stand opposite to hotel, hands in akimbo. His breathe went high on and on. His turned aside to look, there the man was. ‘Pure evil you!’

The younger boys have really caught Nelson’s fancy. They had been campaigning for Nelson unknowingly while talking about the weird remarkable things he did but the closest days to the election got them making open decisions. They responded to Nelson’s waves and greetings, some even offered to walk with him although, Nelson’s mind was on Rebecca who had refused to speak to him. The first-fight devil had taken a throne on their relationship. Nelson fought hard to understand what he did wrong but the words of the man assured him. ‘I knew she was not going to last, she is the plug and you are the receiver. She will always be the branch and you the root. It goes off and on you know?’ Nelson had stopped her again to have a chance when some members of his team demanded his attention. Rebecca bluffed, ‘Oh, there you go. Go and be busy with your election, Mr. President.’ She walked away, Nelson stood in indifference, his subjects were around. He hastily followed the boys.

‘Tadaaaa!’ Came some students’ voices at the school.

‘We just wanted to show you some of our art placards. Awesome right?’ Rang Chad’s voice. He seemed like the propagator of the team.

‘Wow! Guys, I am moved. Awesome! Awesome!’ Nelson said delightly and began to clap for them.

Vote Nelson, vote a true HERO!

Nelson is the new face of justice!

Vote Nelson and shun the bully!

Nelson Whyte is everyone’s best-friend!

The team worked together the next day, talking to their friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. Nelson wore an all white shirt, tie and everything that day. Rebecca had picked those for him, stating white as her favourite colour. He had waved at her and thought she will smile, she didn’t. She only shrugged and glanced away. Indeed, Nelson looked radiating as he penetrated the sitting students to deliver his speech. Rebecca was present, which added more power to his elbow, as long as she was around him, the lights must shine. So he read slowly, avoiding to stutter.

The difference between a villain and a hero is that a villain fights for his interests but a hero does not even know what his own interests are. A hero is empty of his benefits yet full of the weight of the world. To be a true leader is to make marks and live an example. The…the truth of perseverance, hard-work and responsibility, I will not say much of me but are all obvious if you will let yourself see. I stand here, not qualified but willed by positive actions… Our victory in all aspects of this school is standing on what is real, what is original and true, what beats from the heart. I will finish by stating that knowledge is power but wisdom is victory.

He last words ended with Rebecca walking out of the hall. Immediately he finished with the teachers and his team, he went in search of her. She was in her car, Nelson looked through the locked glasses and caught her sobbing. She turned aside to see him, her cheeks were flooded. She began to sound the horn, she was freaking out.

‘Becca, open, open please.’ Nelson mouthed.

She opened, ‘I am freaking out! I am totally freaking out. Oh my God!’

‘I’m sorry about that my love but why?’

‘Oh God, my parents are getting a divorce, my home is gone.’ She said horribly between big sobs. ‘Nel, I’m sick, I am sick, my home is gone.’

‘Oh that is not cool…I’m sorry about it.’ Nelson tried to calm her while still bending towards her by the window. He saw the fear in her eyes and decided to subdue. ‘Love is forever, I mean, you and I are forever. We will never get a divorce Becca, we will never be apart. Please don’t freak out.’

‘No!’ She screamed and sounded the horn again.

‘Hey calm down.’

‘Nooooo!’ She stepped on it and reversed. Nelson ran along with the car, she drove out to the open terrain still sounding the horn, the students ran out of her way but one of them was slow. Nelson saw the danger and dug his head. With a long step, he jumped over the front of the car from one side. It was a spontaneous leap. Rebecca’s eyes widened to the horror she was causing. Bam! The car knocked its victims; Rebecca’s leg was very hard on the break when the car came to a force-halt. ‘I have killed Nelson.’

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