Hotel Intercontinental  One story that would have had a beginning yet could have ended with a beginning.

                                     Hotel Intercontinental

 One story that would have had a beginning yet could have ended with a beginning.

A harmless breeze blew her eyes open. ‘My world! It’s a dream!’ She rolled and began to punch her bed covers and pillows, engaging them in a ruthless fight. ‘Nelson, how could you? You idiot! That would have been Duke.’ She had seen herself lost in over-joy as she danced from one desk to another, trusting her stunts in the arms of a young man. If fate weren’t that malicious, it could have been Duke but behold, when she let down her parasol to look at the prince she had been dancing with, Nelson’s face came alive, his braces revealed in an honourable smile as of a prince.

It was a Sunday, the rest of the six days before that Sunday had been like planted irritations. Mrs. Pearl had asked the difference between being a patrician and an egalitarian, pointing at Nelson to answer. Nelson had failed amidst his stutters. Of all the people in class and in the world, Mrs. Pearl had besought her to answer the question.

‘Rebecca Ben, there you go, please answer the question for Nelson.’  Rebecca reluctantly answered it. She was pissed in her soul.

Rebecca assumed that love is a human being. If love is a human being, then the love in her life should be in an adolescence stage. So unstable like a rolling pain in the ass. It was clear that she liked Duke a lot and they have made eye contacts more than once. Then why did he ask Caroline to hop unto his scooter after school. Gross! That would have been her.

Entering the school parking lot, there it came again. Nelson was beside her car. ‘Thank you Rebecca….’ He blurted once she drew nearer to her car.

‘Get aside you junk! I did nothing but answer a question for the dumbest homo sapiens in class.’ Rebecca got in and drove away, Nelson’s nose immediately turned red. He sneezed and staggered, out of balance. His note books eventually fell from his hand to the floor and to help the drama, he collapsed to the floor too. Some kids piled up in a car hard-by laughed and drove away. 

‘Why was I born? Why was I created?’ Nelson whispered.

The following days got Rebecca meandering in school to get closer to Duke but instead she kept running into Nelson, at the library, cafeteria, parking lot and his name was in her batch for a group assignment. She had rolled her eyes on all of these more than a hundred times. Rebecca wasn’t that friendly or chatty in school but she was like a head girl. Her heights and Jennifer Lawrence’s kind of look helped her feel superior.  Somewhat conspicuous and compelling. She did not have any confidant but for Abi her six-year-old sister that she loved dearly. She had told Abi in her room about her recent likeness for Duke. Aside her, no one else knew, no one else was worthy to know. Abi only giggled excitedly at her talks with her and would always mimic their mother as a response to Rebecca, ‘Oh Honey! Always do what you really like and what is the truth. Ok?’ They will laugh together afterwards, sometimes it ended in tears and long cuddles between a tiny little girl and her overgrown sister.

Everything would have been seen as normal if only she ran into Nelson unnecessarily, however, on Friday, things went ballistic.  Caroline had come into the class with her ever playful spirit and whispered to some girls aside about Duke’s name being the first on the list of all the candidates running for school president. In not more than two years, they would be leaving high school and get flushed into college or the real world. Rebecca knew about the imminent election and the dramatic campaigns that came with it.  She did not fancy participating yet she knew she will go to the board later to view the names of the candidates. It was about 2pm, when her long legs stood upright in front of the list, her left hand clutched her notes to her left breast, her eyes darting up and down, left and right to comprehend the names on the list. The last name on the list, Rebecca gripped her throat with her right hand. He was not only dumb; he did the dumbest things in the world. Nelson Whyte was the last name, how could he possibly even try to get his name there. How did he do it?

Rebecca lost all her strength to a sudden nausea; she found a spot by her side and puked helplessly, some legs stood around her watching but one came closer, urgently soothing and rubbing her back. When she found a little air and strength, she looked up to verify her helper. It was Nelson. She refused to help it further. Rebecca fainted. 

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