Grand Image of Nigeria When She Used to Inculcate Rule of Law. See Photo

Nigeria is a country in West Africa. Former British colony before she got her independence in 1960 after the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate in 1914. Nigeria is made up of 36 states and the Niger Delta states are abundant in  natural resources that aided her to emerge as one of the petroleum exporting countries.

Nigeria has its Capital as Abuja and claims to practise democracy. Democracy simply put,  is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. She claims to abide in Rule of Law where no one is above the law and runs the presidential system of government.

However, decades after independence, both natives and international bodies have seen her dominant in primitivism and underdevelopment.

Every one will gladly wish Nigeria is still in this kind of state. Law and Order is not lacking in this image.  Let us guess,  it might still be in the colonial era when Great Britain is still in power. 

Now, Nigeria reeks in overpopulation, poverty, disorder, chaos and crime from those in power to the least citizen.

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