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  1. He was scared

    He smoked alot

    She had cancer

    He was beating his wife

    He was a devil

    She was a witch

    The villagers knew his problem

    He lost his family in a car crash

    He visited the grave almost everyday

    The instrumentation was snappy

    He learned fast

    He rises every morning

    No one rules her destiny

    He lived up to a good reputation

    He succeeded in his pursuit

    He sipped the alcohol

    He smoked shisha

    She showed her nudes online

    He shared his wealth equally

    They were greedy

    She loves African musicians

    He collaborated with the artists

    He was a nude model

    His fashion was on point

    The tribe stayed naked

    They ate human flesh

    He made use of the flashlight

    They made a video call

    He remembered his father

    She was brave

    He tried everything

    She messed up

    He lost another fight

    They keep their ears on the ground

    Nobody learns without getting it wrong

    She refused to give in

  2. He kept on making clay pots

    The reign of the sumerians ended long ago

    He was a makeup artist

    He had lots of weight

    He was the greatest

    She was running out of breath

    She has stamina

    Don’t ever give up

    She had her head underwater

    She closed her eyes

    The wind blew her hair

    Her application was revoked

    It was a serene environment

    The exam was brain racking

    She had postpartum stress

    She needed treatment

    The doctors are energetic

    School weighed him down

    He paid no attention to his problems

    He needed a listening ear

    She looked for solutions

    She was God-fearing

    He dug the ground till sun down

    They are unstoppable

  3. He was steadfast

    They murmured alot

    They abused him

    They showed appreciation

    The creature made society

    Mans existence is followed by trials

    Our air is free

    Satan has no power over us

    God sent Jesus into my life

    He was unable to destroy his future

    His later days were better than the former

    There is hope in the midst of the storm

    We are still alive

    Spare not a child in his wrong doings

    Give the baby some milk

    Our parents counsel us in the right way but not always

    The man is the head of the family

    He married a good wife

    He was no different from his father

    The youths gave him a wrong advice

    Counselling is very crucial

    He bought some fruits

    The Vegetables are rich in minerals

    The ship sank

    Man is an ambassador of change

    Change is inevitable

    Humans are prone to change their attitude

    He became a member of the council

    She was beautiful

    He is handsome

    He won lots of souls

    No one came close to him

    The world celebrated him

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