Fainting on Duty. New Story

  As a Naija guy, my charger is very important to me. I could forget my bag anywhere but not my charger. At work, I majestically took it out of my bag and settled it


As a Naija guy, my charger is very important to me. I could forget my bag anywhere but not my charger. At work, I majestically took it out of my bag and settled it into the right spot. Which is the socket very close to my favourite sitting spot in the school medical centre. Taiwo tapped me, he usually sat next to me. A fine girl had just walked into the general office of our unit. We were Laboratory Attendants. Students were mainly coming to pick results of their medical examination.

The girl was really fine.

She said, ‘Good morning Ma, please I am here to get my results.’

Taiwo and I immediately looked at the ceiling. Eliza will start with her this morning. Madam Eliza was the woman she greeted.

‘Go to the other office. Walk out, to your right, go there.’


The girl obeyed. I and Taiwo returned our eyes to the desk where Madam Eliza was talking from. She looked away. She knew what she had done. It is very difficult to be nice in general offices. But why?

Before I could blink twice, the girl returned.

Madam Eliza shouted, ‘What is it? What is your problem. No do me this morning.’

We leaned towards each other and laughed. Madam Eliza is funny even in her wickedness.

The girl didn’t mind us despite how irritated and shocked she was. ‘Madam, I came here stating that I need my result and you referred me to the other office but they said that this is the right office…’

‘So? If it is the right office sooooo.’

We laughed again. We felt sorry for the girl all the same.

‘Check there quickly and find your result.’ Madam Eliza pointed to the corner that had yellow single pages heaped up.

Eliza was trying to adjust her slippers under the table when the girl screamed, ‘AS? My genotype AS?’

‘See. This girl what…’

My eyes saw the girl on the floor. I saw her, she was on the floor. She had fainted. Taiwo and I rushed to her. Eliza quickly got agitated. Someone ran in through the wide open door. We panicked, searching what to do first in the midst of the surprise.



‘Let us rush her to the emergency unit, to Doctor Maurice.’ I blurted.

‘Is it you that will pay?’ barked Eliza.

‘Ah Madam Eliza!’ Came our loud exclamation.

Water from a satchet was already flooding the girl’s face from Madam Eliza. What did she know? The water could have ran through the girl’s nose as she laid there. It was not a first aid to pour water on a fainted person’s face just like that. The girl returned to consciousness all the same. I began to rob her back and shortly we lifted her to a long couch by the side. The girl began to sob. We were still amazed. The sob became uncontrollable. Everyone stood around her despite my commands to let her have some air.

‘I am getting married next week o.’

We stared at one another then back to the girl. So much amazement in one morning.

‘I am getting married. My husband is AS and I used to be AA. Why am I AS.? Oh Lord why?’ She stretched out on the couch and banished the beautiful wig from her head. We did not laugh.

‘Madam Eliza she is AS?’ Taiwo found his voice.

‘That is what her result say.’ Illiterate Madam Eliza replied with wide spread arms.

‘Wait, you said you used to be AA.’ Taiwo said to the crying girl.

‘Yes, yes. I don’t know who did this to me.’

‘Jesus Christ! Then what has happened. Used to be! How?’


A recollection of her result was done and she was truly AA from the first input made by the person who carried out the test. We cannot bear having flawed systems.

‘My friend sorry o. Your name is Joy. Nice name o. Fine girl sorry o, no cry.’ Madam Eliza blabbed and teased as the girl arranged herself to leave, she left without the result.

I could not help but say,

‘Madam Eliza you see, see wetin una cause. The girl just remove her wig, fling am anyhow.’


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