Dwindle Obi and different stories: Should Ekweremadu be accepted?

The Representative Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu Wednesday denied reports that he was wanting to dump the People groups Majority rule Gathering (PDP) for the decision All Progressives Congress (APC).


The refusal contained in Ekweremadu’s Facebook page has anyway brought up more issues past the dumping of the gathering the Representative Senate President expected to address.

His disavowal is predicated on reports that he has stayed despondent that the presidential applicant of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, disregarded him in the decision of a running mate for the 2019 presidential race.

As indicated by sources, the Representative Senate President and Atiku had long had a comprehension of how his running mate would develop.

Sources near the transactions that occurred before the national tradition of the PDP where Atiku developed as presidential hopeful, said Atiku offered Ekweremadu the bad habit presidential ticket on the off chance that he wins however he continued revealing to him they should anchor the ticket first.

Different sources likewise said the Delegate Senate President was given the privilege of first refusal for the bad habit presidential ticket.

The offers, proficient sources say made Ekweremadu rally governors of South East states and delegates from the zone to vote in favor of Atiku at the national tradition.

Likewise, Ekweremadu and the governors were said to have avoided every one of the suggestions from Streams State Senator, Nyesome Dam to help Aminu Tambuwal, the legislative leader of Sokoto State and another presidential applicant on the stage of the PDP on account of the understandings and assention they previously had with Atiku.

Everything appeared to be alright until Atiku Abubakar picked a previous legislative head of Anambra State, Dwindle Obi as his running mate.

The decision of Obi, however thought about a correct decision by numerous individuals the nation over, prompted dissonant tunes among the majority of the resistance PDP in the South East.

A gathering of pioneers of the gathering in the geopolitical zone, including governors, flagged that all was not well, as they reproved the declaration of Obi, likewise from the zone, asserting they were not conveyed along or counseled.

While a portion of the governors, who had initially kicked, similar to the Ebonyi State senator, David Umahi, who was the most vocal of the parcel, have surrendered to suggestions from Obi and other people who mediated, Ekweremadu’s disappointment has apparently putrefied.

The stunning quietness of the Delegate Senate President since the declaration of the decision of Dwindle Obi as running mate and the manner in which diverse proclamations censuring Diminish Obi’s decision, with reference to the supposed decrepit treatment allotted to him by various gatherings, have no uncertainty demonstrated that he has in excess of a passing dismay in the entire procedure.

It would be reviewed that on Tuesday in Abeokuta, a northern gathering, Northern Youth Pioneers Discussion, made reference to the disappointment of Ekweremadu, saying the decision of Obi may drive the official to dump PDP for the decision APC with slanting bits of gossip that he has culminated plans to escape.

This challenge by the gathering was seen as suspicious and diversionary by many gathering faithfuls, and to be sure numerous Nigerians, raising fakes with regards to the plan, and supporters behind the gathering.

Their rationale was further suspicious surrendered that they tossed a few names, yet again inclined their account toward Ekweremadu, whom they felt got far less that is he merits in the present game plan.

For perceiving watchers of the unfurling political dramatization, it is clear Ekweremadu is miserable he was not picked as bad habit presidential applicant, and he, or his supporters, have secretively attempted to feature this with the expectation that there might be a difference in plan, or if nothing else, a course of action that would perceive and support him.

Throughout the most recent couple of days, after the name of Obi was declared, there have been stories in numerous quarters, particularly the media space, almost certainly ax employments, of how Ekweremadu, ‘a reliable and persevering gathering stalwart’ was scammed, in the wake of remaining with the gathering amid its attempting periods, giving space for contention, that if Ekweremadu chooses to dump the gathering, he would be supported.

Despite the fact that the Delegate Senate President has said he ‘still in PDP’ and that his ‘political way is in the hands of God’, numerous reporters are not persuaded for various reasons.

One, Ekweremadu, who has been in the Senate for as long as 15 years, neglected to put forth a straight out expression on his future political status however just said he is still in PDP.

At the end of the day, he is still there however things can change. The Representative Senate President neglected to completely say he doesn’t have any aim to dump the gathering. Knowing the transient and fluid nature of legislators, the sky is the limit.

Besides, Ekweremadu’s reference to God as holding his political way is viewed as another contrivance regularly utilized by Nigerian legislators to embrace profound plausible excuse in completing the evil thought processes.

As a grown-up and an accomplished legislator, the Agent Senate President ought to have been fearless and develop enough to put forth a clear cut expression on the discussion encompassing his supposed deserting without giving under any front of heavenly nature.

Many view his response as a hidden call for arrangement, or maxim if the resistance party needs him to stay in their positions.

Nigerians rush to recall the strenuous disavowals made by the previous Minority Pioneer of the Senate, Obong Godswill Akpabio when his approaching absconding from PDP to APC was first announced. He later did!

Likewise, one truth that isn’t lost on Nigerians in Ekweremadu’s disavowal is the way that the APC National Government is at present on his neck, testing a few outside properties purportedly obtained by him. These properties, the legislature accepts were procured outside his real income.

This, combined with sentiments that Atiku treated him wrongly, should sufficiently be consolidated inspiration to escape. In any case, even as the onus lays with the Agent Senate President to convincingly guarantee his current gathering and supporters that he is without a doubt not escaping, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually whether or not, the decision of Obi will check his exit from PDP, or he’ll acknowledge it as another lost fight, and proceed onward with the gathering.

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