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I was telling my Neighbor that my girlfriend, I mean my woman, my fiancee, the lady that I have decided to marry doesn’t get down with me.  A year ago, I had gone to see

I was telling my Neighbor that my girlfriend, I mean my woman, my fiancee, the lady that I have decided to marry doesn’t get down with me.  A year ago, I had gone to see her people and laid down my intentions. Till now,  I work hard to put up more money to enable me pay her pride price and fund the wedding ceremonies.

My neighbor is a hot, slender student who lived adjacent to me.  Not quite long, after I moved into the neighborhood, I had a hot intercourse with her. What caught her attention before the sex was she seeing me bringing out a pack of condoms from a very hidden angle, inside a pocket of my engineering coverall squeezed under a little space below my wardrobe. She asked why it was so hidden and I told her that I do not get sexual with my wife so I hide the condoms to conceal my actions.

Everyone calls Ruth my wife since we moved into the compound and they knew we were about to get married but what they did not know was how I cope with my manhood.

Charity had helped me that day to release and I felt good.  She still helped me months later after we had gone out for some drinks and slumped into the sofa tearing into each other.

Charity was a really smart fine girl,  intelligent and hard working on her dream as a Medical Scientist. I really admire her chatty nature whenever she came to me.  She had told me that she was not dating anyone and will not get into a relationship but loves getting laid whenever she wanted.

Ruth on the other hand is the lady I chose to be with, I really felt that I was in love with her that’s why I accepted her rules of not sexing with her till our wedding night. She only visits me once in month because of her busy schedule at work and in church  and the fact that she doesn’t want me to be tempted. Few times, while passing the night together, she never turned or snuggled to me. She was always in sustainment of her decision. It bores me.

So I sleep with few other girls that came around, I get confused though. Most times, I can’t get hold on my composure as regards my manhood.

Again,  I’m inside my living room painting when Charity rang my doorbell. I opened and she came in looking weary. She complained that she was ill. Later, she took some food from my pot and ate beside me as I painted.

She had refused to meander with me, she never gave any reason but I miss her.  I haven’t even felt a woman for months and she had refused me some months ago when I danced to her body.

As I painted,  I really knew how I felt.  My manhood kicked and jumped.  I closed my work for the day and finally complained to her that conji will soon kill me. She argued that it makes no sense that my wife-to-be had totally refused me in bed.  Charity pointed out that if she ever dated and if I were ever her boyfriend that she will ride that dick to nonsense.  The flow of her words ignited my libido. My eyes darkened so deeply in desire.

Immediately, the electrical power was ceased and the room appeared more cozy and dreamy in darkness .  I set the door ajar for a little light while she stretched out herself in a long couch.

I could not incubate my actions anymore when I walked slowly and knelt down close to her soft half exposed body.  I began to kiss her open belle with my full soft moist lips.  She declined at first but I insisted, not trying to remove her clothes.  Not trying to force it.   I ran my kisses all over her body, from the bump of her boobs till her toes.  She had told me that she had not taken her bath that day but I didn’t care.  In between my thighs were heavy of need.

She framed that she wasn’t feeling anything as I did my kissing game but moaned a little when I stopped on the rise of her vagina.  I stopped there kissing that particular area till I shifted the edge of her shorts and ran my tongue straight into her cunt licking every damn thing.  She adjusted and moaned softly,  then suddenly. She pushed me away.  Seriously, she hushed me! I was almost in tears.  I pleaded more but she refused and went to sit on another chair.

She got busy with her phone and told me to go have my bath, that I stink of foofoo since I had eaten foofoo with okro soup earlier.  Out of frustration, I bounced into the bathroom. The shower started but I could not get my hands off my manhood.  My chest began to swell for Ruth. A 33-year-old young man like me should at least be active in bed.   Why would she do this to me? I wanted to call her and say that I can no longer continue with her relationship bound in rules.  I was still in my messed up state, when the bathroom door flung open and Charity rushed towards me. The shower blessed the scene more and moistened our craziness in there.  She whispered to me that she actually wanted to do it with me but was too tired earlier. She went so wild all over me, thumbing and licking and giving all her romantic strength. She had told me that she always had sex when she wanted to but I feel that she has started cooking some feelings to me.  I really like her and sincerely,  sometimes I wished Ruth was as bold as her in everything she wanted.

I also have feelings for her but I do not  know how to approach the whole situation now.  I’m in a blue water.

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