How Chimamanda is Helping the Society, Men Especially. New Speech!

Chivalry is often associated with men.  Meaning that some men often try to be nicer or respectful to ladies, pregnant women, girls and females at large.  This is not what is fair for the world.

Chivalry is often associated with men.  Meaning that some men often try to be nicer or respectful to ladies, pregnant women, girls and females at large.  This is not what is fair for the world. Simply be nice to anyone as long as they are not a menace, be nice to both women and men and respect them accordingly.

Don’t shift it to women or men. Let all humans be treated equally. That is all.  When you criticise something in women, also do that in men. During upbringing, teach both opposite sexes same thing and allow them to explore and choose.  But you can teach them privately if that is your choice, as long as it is the same thing.

Do not say “you are a woman, close your legs”. Teach both sexes to sit properly. That’s all.

Some persons have gone wild in criticising Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a prominent Nigerian author over her books on feminism as well as her fame feminism cadence. What they do not know is that she is actually aiding the Society, her words should be what every one should see as the newest civilization. True words that should break the norm formed centuries ago.  The world has moved on. Nigeria should move on.

Invest in every citizen, both male and female. Change the knowledge, the instructions you feed children with to exude changes.  An education system that did not make anything seem better should be substituted by something more advanced.

We should all be feminist. Both male and females, bring up the girl child, empower her, let her identify her strengths and see what further changes she will make.  Women have been so neglected that the imbalance and chaos in the society emanates from their ignorance.

A woman who is not working, who you say should need to get married after school -if attended will of course depend solely on money from any source.

Women love money,  they choose money over love.  This is the problem. They have been programmed to think that men or marriage is the height of their achievement.

A woman who understands that she is an individual in the society, an important person will do what she is meant to do.  She will become useful to herself, family and society at large.  She will attend school, she will get a job, she will have a voice and build her dreams.  A woman has her own dreams just like a man does.  Allow the girl reach her dream, allow the boy reach her dream.  Do not say a woman is too ambitious and men? You can not say that to men too?

Feminism has long been there in dictionaries and in the human society, it did not start with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and will not end with her.  She is evolving it.

Chimamanda’s A Feminism Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions.

She had a child with a man not for him because they had the intercourse together and donated two different hormones to bring forth life. Understand this!

This is better.  A man’s role is not to provide in a relationship .  A woman’s role is not to provide too.  Whoever has should do that.  It should be done together.

Respect the fact that Chimamanda mentioned women that did not give up on themselves, therefore effected positive changes in the society. Encourage your children to emulate.

Many women are waiting to be successful before they speak up on the humiliation carved into women in the society. Do not wait till you are a celebrity before you correct an ill in the society that is right before you.

Most persons associate women with so much shame. For instance, some girls will not deny what their mothers told them about periods.  Menstruation is not a taboo.  If you get stained, clean up by any chance you get.  Do not start crying.

Advise both male and female to wait till maturity for them to decide what Sexual Intercourse should mean to them. Do not scold the girl all the time leaving the boy. That causes major problems.

Both men and women should do domestic works.  This should start from mothers at home, teach both sexes how to sweep, clean, cook, iron.  Do not focus on the girls alone.

Buy whatever your kids aspire to have.  If a girl is craving kites and toy cars, get them for her. Do not squeeze her into dolls.  Allow the children to be what they crave to be.

A man cheats, the woman should forgive and when the woman cheats, are you sure you will not join hands with the society to torch her to death?

Husband and wife should bring up their children together. It is not solely a woman’s role.

Try to train and influence your child positively, do your best as parents and let the child grow up to be what life has chosen.

Take care of your own child as a father. Don’t say you are being so motherly. No. You are simply being a father.

Let women know that they have to fend for themselves. Do not train her to be dependent.

This is another major imbalance in the society.  Parents should train both sexes to aspire for marriage not just the girls.

Anyone who eats food in this world should know how to cook, know how to make your own meals.  It is not gender personified.

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