BIG BOYS STORY, Chapter Three

No sooner had Mr Oshoke turned off the engine of his Mercedez Benz than Imagwe perambulated through the yet to be closed gate into the open street. He only muttered welcome to the hearing of

No sooner had Mr Oshoke turned off the engine of his Mercedez Benz than Imagwe perambulated through the yet to be closed gate into the open street. He only muttered welcome to the hearing of his mother that just alighted from the car, waiting for her husband to step out. Mr Oshoke wanted to hurl questions at him but his wife prevented him and made mention of going in to deliver piously their blessings from the house of God.

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The despondent parents worried more over the misdemeanor of their child but it was not something they were oblivious of.  The miscreant has always been stubborn but worsted beyond apprehension after going to Isiohor to live with Gloria’s sister. When Mr Oshoke retired to their room, his wife went upstairs to speak to the other children. She held both of them unto her breast nearly in tears. “Junior do not mind your brother, you know I have always told you this. Soon all of us will be playing together. Adesua, my pretty last born. Sweet girl…..always obey us, your brother is only sick and we are praying for him. God knows all these”

“Yes Muummi. I prayed for him too much today.” Adesua announced.

“Hey! Good girl, you are really obeying God. How about you Junior?

“I prayed for him too, for God to make him allow me to share the room with him.”

Gloria guffawed at the sheer response of her second son. “Good children, change your clothes and come downstairs. God’s children”

The lace blouse that she wore to church was already pricking her to discomfort and she went straight to their room to go and change but was thrown into confusion when she did not see her husband sitting down, lying on the bed or pulling his kaftan. She eyed the bathroom that was ajar and found no one. She thought he must have left to fetch Imagwe but was relieved when he came back from the outside.

“Ah! Where did you go to?”

“Solomon said that no one came to look for him and that he has been singing since morning.”

Mrs Oshoke pursed.

Imagwe did not like the pot holes in Anozie Street as he walked. They appeared like very wide basins of unwanted water. Tyres sampled for sale decorated almost the two sides of the street till nearly its end. Few shops sold provisions and when he walked to the extreme facing the express way called Ikwerre road, he concluded that his house was the finest and the only storey building in the street. Their house was at the other end of the street that led out to another main road called Iloabuchi. His hopes of acquiring girlfriends quickly ascended. He smiled and walked into the second street, even up to two more, all of them linked.  Twice or more, his eyes fell on pretty girls till he came across a fine plump one in front of a provision shop and winced but the girl gave him an unbelievable look that read ‘see this small boy.’

Imagwe giggled a little at her ignorance of how he knobbed girls like her that has fresh evolving bosoms. His escapades often satiated him. The first time he went into a woman was when he was 12 years old, his third term in JSS 1 after he had existed in a kind of philosophy with Uncle Stephen. After playing the adult game with Eji the girl he dazzled first and seduced down to Uncle Stephen’s room that was at the back of the main building, he refused to do whatever his Auntie required of him that day. He did not want to follow Daniel his cousin to go and push home trucks of water, he did not want to pick beans or help in the kitchen like he loved to do. He was still consumed by the deliciousness of what he had experienced in between the legs of his girlfriend. He sat there, at the verandah like a baby who had just suckled to infinitude, waiting impatiently for Uncle Stephen to come back from his job search so that he could vent. Auntie threw a bunch of broom at him and he fled. The woman acting also very insane chased him down the compound, outside, towards the road and children got laughing while adults cursed the disobedient boy who made his mother run in public. His parents should not have allowed him live with his mother’s sister. That was where he discovered Uncle Stephen.

Adesua and parents were watching a film on the TV when Imagwe walked into the living room. He teased Adesua’s cheek and embraced his mother from the back explaining to a fault, “Muummi, I just went to see outside, this city is finer I swear, so many cars flying about. They are very busy people.” He did not look at his father, he only said something to at least quell his evil mind at him that day and rushed upstairs. Later, he ate his rice and stew in Junior and Adesua’s room, he ate while watching Junior draw cartoons. He did not know why he left his own room but that was the action he wanted to display at that moment. A week before they journeyed to their new residence, his father had sat him down one evening and told him that humans are not living a life, they are rather writing a story. That one day he would sit down and start reading his own story to himself. Imagwe loved the saying and looked back to his behavior and loved everything. He loved acting according to his hunch, like the actor in an action film. Like the stubborn student that will mock a teacher in class thereby making his fellow students laugh, like the fellow who says things explicitly in exhilarating honesty. That evening he just wanted to be with his 11-year old brother, he wanted to disclose to him some legal evil.

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