Adanne Elechi: These Long Nails Are Stressing Me Out!

When I was more youthful, my ajebo was on another level. My nails were constantly done, I burned through the entirety of my cash on cosmetics, and even woke up at 3:30 AM to cosmetics

When I was more youthful, my ajebo was on another level. My nails were constantly done, I burned through the entirety of my cash on cosmetics, and even woke up at 3:30 AM to cosmetics while in NYSC camp. As I got more seasoned, I never again had issues with not wearing cosmetics. My nails began getting shorter and shorter until the point when I totally quit doing them except if there was an occasion. Harmony Oraifite, too bad I fizzled you.

Quick forward to now, my twinny is getting hitched, and obviously, I need to look ‘peng,’ and if conceivable, ‘Ebuka’ her with my kill. So I booked a meeting with nailitbykosy. When I saw her own nails, I disclosed to her I needed a similar length. She inquired as to whether I could deal with the length I rapidly said indeed, overlooking I cleared out my ‘gbogbo bigz geh’ in 2016.

In the wake of completing my nails, I was looking so crisp, feeling fly and making hand signals to the most doltish things. In my mind I had arrived. The feature of my day was the point at which I shared an image of my long young lady nails and the lady of the hour disclosed to me it wasn’t reasonable that I needed to take her sparkle on her day. I knew my Ebuka to Banky designs were on track. What I didn’t consider was the way I would work when the wedding. After the reggae na blues, abi?

Fine long nails yet I require help with the most fundamental things. Putting on my accessory or picking stuff starting from the earliest stage totally impossible for me. Say thanks to God I live with minding individuals.

Try not to misunderstand me o, numerous individuals can do everything with nails up to a falcon’s hooks. I could when I was still tush. In any case, now, villagers have visited and had me. Give me a chance to fill you in on a portion of the things I can’t do with my long nails.

1. Composing

I know some of you will ask how I am ready to compose this. The appropriate response is that the fallen angel attempted however I am an overcomer. I kid, I simply needed to show my ‘Nigerianness’. Picture a chicken composing, that was me. Delete is my new bestie. I continued composing waste and erasing. I need to pick between my composition work and ajebo. It’s much more dreadful holding a pen. Dear companions, I truly need to talk, however sad, ajebo over you except if you will ignore my has for had mistakes. “Truly, I has done it before he came”

2. No Eyebrows

I am not by any stretch of the imagination into cosmetics nowadays, yet a young lady needs to look decent at some point. So subsequent to doing my nails, I chose to put on some cosmetics and hit the town to show more hand signals. Shockingly for me, my eye pencil was short, so I was holding it like a kid going to doodle, and a doodle it turned out as. I know it’s Halloween, yet we no dey do Halloween for this side. I immediately wiped my face. I even misled my companion it was on account of the climate was excessively hot I didn’t wear cosmetics.

3. Washing

Preceding 2016, I could do everything with my long nails. I am looking at cleaning, washing and notwithstanding driving Dangote truck in the event that I had needed to. In any case, the shrub individuals sustenance I begun eating influenced my ajebo dispense and now I can’t do anything by any means. I am additionally not washing since I don’t need water to destroy my excellent nails. I require help with my underwears o! Is this the part I go to Speedy’s baba to send me a ‘paynt’ washing man? Babalawo, if it’s not too much trouble epp me I will pay money.

4. No Nigerian Soup and Swallow

I figure I ought to express gratitude toward God for this one. It’s nourishments like this that placed me in this condition. Rather than eating like an ajebo, I will sit and be gulping beat yam and garri like as long as I can remember relies upon it, now take a gander at my circumstance. So I don’t feel awful about this one by any stretch of the imagination. It resembles I will include any sustenance that contains red oil to the gathering, Okpa e go be! It would be ideal if you oversabi individuals, don’t prescribe fork. I am free for the present and I am getting a charge out of this opportunity.

5. DIY Face Masks

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For this one, I chuckle in turmeric. I don’t locate this specific one clever on the grounds that it’s influencing my kill. I miss my turmeric sparkle yet one must give this period. I will utilize different veils for the time being nevertheless how would I oversee dunking my finger in it to apply all over? Genuine ajebos are extremely attempting biko.

These are a portion of the things I can’t do with my long nails at this moment. I am certain there are numerous different things like lighting a stove with a match or lighter. This one will never work o. Dear future spouse, you need to pick between an ajebo wife and sustenance. Hehehe. The main issue I would have had with it is on the off chance that it influenced my shower, I would have utilized vex to nibble everything off. Acrylic is solid yet my teeth are more grounded. Nothing divides my shower and me, ajebo gbakwa oku.

Please dear individuals, disregard any blunders you find in this post, point the finger at it on my long nails. It isn’t so much that I can’t compose, only that my nails weren’t made for it. Hold on for my nails, my sweet smash is additionally enduring, I can’t tally what number of treats bombs I have missed. Do you know how agonizing it is?

It’s well!

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