6 Tips For Building Emotional Safety In Your Relationship

The word safety within the context of relationships makes you immediately think of physical safety, i.e., being away from abuse and violence. However, emotional safety is an equally important aspect of relationships.

Emotional safety refers to the ability of each of partner in a relationship to be open and vulnerable to one another without the fear of being judged, ridiculed or criticized.

For any relationship to foster, it is important that the partners are willing to invest in their relationship in terms of providing love, devotion, and commitment to each other.

Being vulnerable with your partner ensures love, joy, accountability, empathy, courage, and authenticity. It allows each of you to be yourselves with each other and be loved for who you are.

Mentioned below are a few ways to help you build emotional safety in your relationship
1. Trust each other

Trust and love are said to be the foundation of any relationship that sets onto the path of success.

It is necessary for couples to be aware of the fact that their partner wishes nothing but the absolute best for them and you also have their best interest at heart.

Each of you should get rid of any toxic thoughts and instead, be sure that your partner will never intentionally do anything to hurt you.

This is an important step that guarantees emotional safety.
2. Open and honest communication

Communication is considered the key to a strong relationship and that too, honest communication. It is considered healthy for couples to have deep, meaningful talks every once in a while where they share their feelings, voice their views and opinions and address any issues they might have with each other.

This eliminates any chances of misunderstandings and buildup frustration due to being left unheard. Couples should ensure that they communicate to their partner exactly what they mean, effectively without being mean or harsh.

3. Taking ownership and accepting responsibility
Acting responsible and taking ownership of your words and actions is another feature that ensures emotional safety.

Being responsible for what you do and say makes sure that your partner is able to count on you. It will help them to be more open and vulnerable to you and share every detail of their life instead of keeping secrets.

Moreover, casting blame onto each other would do nothing but simply damage your relationship and set it towards the path of destruction.
4. Be your own person

Although couples tend to stay together all day, every day, it is refreshing to be out and about by yourself every once in a while. Couples who are codependent are actually living in an unhealthy relationship.

Partners need not agree or share the same views of that of their significant other and instead carry the right to have their own opinion and personal of their own. It is important for couples to have interests outside of the relationship where they socialize with friends, colleagues or simply by themselves as being together all the time often causes suffocation.
5. Support each other

Being in a relationship means you constantly have someone who you can count on, turn to whenever you need to. Partners need to have enough trust to be fully aware that their lover is always going to be right by their side, no matter how good or bad a situation might be.

Each of the partners needs to have the assurance that their partner is always going to help them face any barrier or challenge that comes their way.
6. Be willing to apologize, forgive and forget

It is very common for us to make mistakes but what matters is that we realize that we are at fault and apologize for it. Both the partners should be willing to apologize whenever they make a mistake or hurt their significant other.

Similarly, both of them should also be willing to forgive each other for the sake of their relationship and move past such issues to develop a strong bond.

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Couples should see each other as their ally instead of adversaries and be each other’s best cheerleader. Each of the partners needs to add half of their time and efforts to their relationship for it to flourish and guarantee themselves emotional security and safety.

You can follow the guidelines mentioned above to develop an emotional safety for yourself and your partner.

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