10 Posts of the Day with Deep Meanings

10 Posts of the Day with Deep Meanings!We love viewing the love scenes between the hero and the heroine. The outlook is usually cliche or common yet the content is a scoop, very exclusive to

10 Posts of the Day with Deep Meanings!

We love viewing the love scenes between the hero and the heroine. The outlook is usually cliche or common yet the content is a scoop, very exclusive to every generation. And it must happen because it is the future.

Nigeria, The politicians are the lions, the people are living antelopes and other animals while the activists are the wolves. They meet at nights, forming a park so as to overthrow the lions.


If you are alive, clap for yourself.
It is not simple to stay alive. All the pain, suffering, torture, the evil we plot. Regrets. Organized poverty. Actions. Drooling agony. Unknown days and the certainty of an empty end. Time does not make us old. Time is trapped my dear. Time is stagnant. What makes us old are memories. Ladened memories of all that was and wasn't ought to be or is but wasn't. The heartbreaks and disfiguring of visions and sure, our cheeks begin to sag. When I see older people, I simply ask, what happened on your first birthday? A lot have been seen that can't be said. Our first responsibility as human beings is to stay alive. Whole world might urge you to cut your life but stay alive. If you are breathing till this second, I and the spirits are very proud of you.

A husband must be venerated, even so in quite essence must a wife be venerated by her husband, such is enough for society to follow.


As you grow, train yourself to mostly speak the truth. It must help you when all you need is your grave.

You are wasting your time when you scatter the web and don't kill the spider and vice versa.

Let's be real, let's be real. BUT,
If you tell them you eat six eggs at once or sometimes, you don't have your bath for three days. Or you enjoy opening drinks with your teeth. Abi you love chewing bone like mad. They will start to dodge you. I thought we are being real. Or just say you sneeze and fart at the same time. Abi your hand is always scratching your groin through your boxers or sleeping naked is your calling.
Or if you are seen chewing garri now, awon local girl, awon local girl. As if garri is not a vital economic product in Nigeria as a whole. After all, if all these fighting boys are busy planting cassava or yam, they would have been too busy helping to feed the nation than consulting nuisance. Misconstruing civilization be damned!
Let's be real, let's be real. Hope not to frown when the person is being real.


Why are people attacking Five Nights of Glory as though the devil is not everywhere. The devil has agents in all churches and everywhere in society. Y'all quit the hate speech and let God be the judge. Run your own race and rid us of your contempt. Please.
Everywhere, stop sleeping with people's husbands with 5NOG tag on your neck. You are blaming the girls again what of the married men that won't stay at home. That's how they disturb people's daughters, condemning their wives. Nigerians are highly partial and empty of equilibrate logic. It sucks.  Just keep quiet and stop posting noise.



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